Barska 10×50 Colorado Binoculars

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New Barska 10×50 Colorado Binoculars, for $15.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Barska BP126 10×50 Colorado Binoculars

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Wide angle provieds a wider field-of-view

Perhaps your copy writers could be provided with better proofreading?

You hiring?

Thank goodness they’re not used

another quality woot what comes from QVC warehouses

I used to have a pair of these, but the judge made me give them up as part of my plea bargain.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

One Question…Will these work in other states. I live in Colorado but sometimes I cross state lines.

I want to know if they are bilingual so I can use them on my cruise to Mexico.

Does it come in pink?

I have these, they’re not very good (compared to my $1500 Canon’s ;-), but “good enough” for the price. I paid more than twice that for mine.

Are these Neighbor’s-Hot-Wife compatible?

Will they work with my iPod?

Can I use them with a MAC?

Awesome, glad you have $1500 for binoculars! :slight_smile: I’m humbled, no really. ahm

My cat has taken up birdwatching. Are they small enough for my cat to hold?

I’m giving up buying crap for Lent. Would not buying these qualify?

kids will love them - in for 2 for the merry merry

I am pretty “into” optics. I would pass on these. Basically in optics you get what you pay for. There are better “bang-for-your-buck” deals out there.

“She stinks so bad they asked her to leave a comic book store.”

That one strikes too close to home for many on this site… (How many here watch - and enjoy - “The Big Bang Theory”? And get the references? And spend time afterward discussing the science? :))