Barska 3-9x44 Digital Multi-Reticle Scope

**Item: **Barska 3-9x44 Digital Multi-Reticle Scope
Price: $129.99
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Condition: New

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Here is a 4 star review from Optics Planet

That’s pretty cool. Set the noise switch on your weapon of choice from BLAM! to pew pew pew and you’re all set!

On sale for $199.99 @ Barska. Too sleepy to check out anywhere else…


Bah, no rings

these are not the most rugged or reliable scopes. Don’t put on a high power rifle. .22, .17, airgun is about all.

barska simply is a low/med quality. good for plinking… i dont put toys on my firearms

Can anyone say how high. The riser is on this scope? My dad wants to be able to still use the iron sights on his .22 mag

As a shooter I can honestly state that I would not recommend spending this much money on a Barska.

For this money, you can get into a better better scope from a better company such as Nikon, Bushnell, or even Primary Arms.

I have a cheap Barska that I use on my .22 rifle, and for the money, it’s not bad, but they’re known for “cheaper” products.

I don’t care if a cheap scope craps out, but I’d be pretty sore if I spent $130 on a scope and it crapped out a year later.

Be sure to take into account the eye relief. I know that it wouldn’t work on my GSG-522 without removing the rear sight and having the scope set back a fair ways. As far as Barska goes, not the greatest. However they can be useful if you hunt rough terrain with a .22. You know for when your cheap sling slips free and it takes a good tumble down the mountain.

Having multiple reticules is more of a selling point to those who don’t know much about scopes. Typically, you install a scope with the reticule that you want for that particular gun. Additionally, optics that feature multiple reticules will often lose zero when switching between them, which obviously negates the purpose of even having a scope at all.
Having said that, I’ve found Barska to be a fairly good brand overall. Mind you, you can go with a better brand for the same or slightly more money. Scopes are one of those things that you typically don’t want to go cheap on unless you’re dealing with a .22 rifle or air gun.

So no to a SKS? lol

No perrrfect for a sks. Be sure to also buy one of those top mount covers that never tighten up enough to hold zero. That way you can blame that instead of your barfka scope. {tongue in cheek}