Barska 5mW Green Laser Sight

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Barska 5mW Green Laser Sight
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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Reviews from BHPhotoVideo

At this price, I can outfit every shark in my tank! Frick’n laser beams rock!

Bad thing about a green laser - it shows exactly where you are!
Better to use it for astronomy lessons.

Rated ok on the big Amazoooon…read this for some more onto on the laser…

I currently do not have one of these mounted, but I have used them before.
I would just like to point a couple things out for future buyers.
First, A mounted laser cannot exceed 5mw. So, in bright sunny days, even being a green laser, this will be difficult to see at any distance over 25 or so yards. So don’t think of this as a quality issue.
Second, green lasers do NOT like cold weather. Again, not a quality issue, just the nature of the beast.
Finally I will mention that for the price. This is an amazing, well built, quality laser sight…


Green lasers are great for knocking down drones. Much more entertaining than squirrel hunting (and no squirrels are injured).

Is this the green laser light that makes it impossible for pilots to fly their aircraft at night?
I hope not. I can’t imagine WOOT selling something like this if it is.

I have one of these.

It’s not terrible but it’s not super awesome either.

It’s pretty big, bulky, and weighty. @50 yards you really can’t see it even on an overcast day. Forget about going further than that.

It is great for confined areas with dim light.

The included mounting ring can be frustrating because as you tighten it down the laser turns so if you are trying to level the W/E turrets with the center plane of your weapon it can get frustrating. They are easy to adjust though.

I don’t even try mounting it on any weapons anymore, I use it for my cats and they give it 10 out of 10 paws :wink:

Yes, yes it is… THIS exact laser. I’m surprised Al Qaeda hasn’t snapped them all up at this price yet…

You filled my sarcasm tank to full this morning. I love you.

No, this is not the laser used to blind aircraft pilots. 5mw is fairly low power. For about the same price , you can purchase a green laser pointer in the 100 to 250 mw range (20 to 50 times more powerful). While these are fun to play with (I have several in different colors) they can be dangerous in the hands of somebody that is irresponsible.

BTW - Sharks With Frickin’ Lasers:

YEP. This is true I have one and this says everything. And for this price its a good deal if you just want to “look good”

Barska stuff is horrible quality - and good luck when you file for warranty - they’ll leave you hanging.

It’s not a good idea to shine a laser at a passing aircraft. Fortunately this laser is the lowest power available, so it’s not likely to bother too many pilots flying at 20,000 feet or higher. However, if you’re located in the glide path of an airport, you could spend some time in jail harassing low flying aircraft.

I use to use the green laser pointers to aim my telescope, but they’ve been outlawed some time ago, particularly the larger more powerful ones. Too bad, it made the job of pointing your telescope so much easier.

Property damage is not cool. Don’t break the law, please.

#1 woot !!

SAFTEY CHECK THE WEAPON FIRST then show the demo… I saw you had a mag in your AR.

Personally I run red dots, eotech XPS3 and aimpoint PRO optics .

I found lasers to be a gimmick for the average user… however they are great with proper training… Also good lasers are very expensive.

Your arrogant attitude is typical LE. What you don’t understand, you put down. Lasers fit a particular need. And sheesh, who are trying impress? Eotechs XPS3 and aimpoints are for those that can’t afford an ACOG. Good luck with your bushmaster.