Barska 6-24x50 IR Riflescope


Some Decent, but not great reviews on OpticsPlanet

Solid reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some additional info, pictures and good reviews can be found over at

Barska optics are pretty terrible. Low optical quality, wonky turrets, and inability to withstand recoil. They are not suitable for use on firearms. I would rate them as acceptable for airsoft or paintball.

And worth every penny. Suitable for mall ninjas.

It looks like there’s a first gen and second gen version. Does anyone know which one this is?


Different scope
This is the sale scope:

It looks like this is first gen, the illumination knob is at an angle on the 2nd gen scope. Curious that the 2nd gen is $25 less at Amizon

I’ve shot a lot of scoped rifles and never got scope eye until I tried this very one. The eye relief is horrible, if your rifle has much of a kick to it, be prepared for a nice crescent shaped cut above your eye.

Read the review from the guy that had a bad one right out of the box. Not uncommon at this price point.

Imagine you mount the scope, drive to the range, waste a bunch of ammo and determine the scope is bad. Drive home, go through customer service hell, send it back and wait weeks for the replacement. How much did all that cost and how much is your time worth? Don’t even think about depending on this for a hunt. How much would that cost?

Buy a better scope and don’t look back

so…did you figure that out while reading reviews from your arm chair? i have a couple barskas because i thought it would be worth the risk at that cost. i put on on my 338wm and it kicks just slightly harder than an airsoft, but my optics are solid as can be…so there! but seriously, guy…i have nothing but praise for the two i have and i’m sure it will be the same for the two i’m about to order. and this is actual personal experience speaking…you didn’t reference any.

Barska 6-24x50 IR Green Mil-dot Long Range Riflescope-Price Comparisons

Woot! = $99.99 + $5 Shipping
Total = $104.99 Shipped
Woot’s Price Beats Competitors Below With a Savings Range of, $81.50 - $202.72

Optics Planet = $186.49 + Ships Free

Amazon = $186.49 + Ships Free

ebay = $307.71 + Ships Free = $189.99 + Ships Free

A rule of thumb when purchasing a scope is to spend what you paid for the rifle (or what it would cost to replace) on the scope. If you have a $800 rifle put an equal priced piece of glass on it. These are junk, I wouldn’t even put them on a junker 22.

This advice makes no sense. Best way to pick a scope is to do research and pick based on your application. Picking a scope based on price is a dumb idea at best.

Not saying anything about this particular scope but that’s patently ridiculous. If you’re saying I ought to put a $3000 piece of glass on my rifle when I could buy a Leupold for a fraction of that price I don’t even know what to say. Or are Leupolds junk because they don’t cost what my rifle does? I’ve also used a $100 Tasco for about 20 years now and it’s never failed me. Rain, snow, sleet, extreme heat, and never a problem.

I now have a suitable replacement scope for my Wooted .177 Gamo Whisper refurb, by that logic.
I should now be able to sterilize gnats at 30yds with this magnification.

I wouldn’t necessarily discourage the purchase of this scope. If it’s what you think you want, then by all means go for it; but I do a lot of long range, bench rest, paper punching, and can only offer this; By the time you spend 4 or 5 hundred dollars going through cheap Chinese scopes you could have brought a decent Redfield, Nikon, Weaver, or Leupold, that will last you for a lifetime and you don’t have to worry about the turrent’s falling off or the scope ability to keep a good zero. This Barska claims a 6-24 zoom but in reality anything after 16 to 18, in most, if not all, Chinese scope’s, clarity is lost and the additional power is pointless if you can’t clearly see what you are aiming at.
It’s your money, do as you will, but instant gratification will most likely turn into instant disappointment if it falls apart. If you are looking for a reasonably priced excellent quality scope and $$$ is a concern check out the Nikon line. Optics Planet is a good place to start. Sure you may pay more for a Nikon but it will last you a lifetime or they will make it right. The same applies to Leupold, their Mark AR 6-18x40 is awesome and reasonably priced (for a Leupold.)
To the person who commented about his 20 year old Tasco, you are right you probably do have a good scope, but 20 years ago there is a good chance it was made in the US, Korea, or the Philippines where quality control was tight and a companies rep was on the line; not true today, these once good scope manufacturers have all jumped ship to China and quality control really bites.