Barska GLX Micro Lasers

This is tempting.

Definitely something that would be great to have! Might have to get one!

Sooooo, what are the specs on this as to what firearm it will work with?

give us the length dimensions! mm, inches something! Want to know if it will fit compacts like a Ruger SR9c or glock g30

Dude, lasers!

pew pew pew

But will they fit my glock 26…?

Two inches…that’s basically full frame or minor compact chassis (think PX4 Compact but NOT PX4 Subcompact).

Here’s the only info from the manu and they sell them there for $170.

Didn’t post red because, well, if you want a laser, get a green one!

Green oh…GREEN

Will drive my cats nuts.

Your cats have expensive taste!

Dear pew pew pew - it will fit your glock as long as it has a glock rail

Dimensions in inches: (LxWxH): 1.5x 2 x 1.25
It should fit your glock as long as it has a glock rail. It can also attach to the Ruger but it may seem a bit bulky on it.

Here are the dimensions in inches: (LxWxH): 1.5x 2 x 1.25

it’s $119 and prime on Amazon:

I think I’ll pass on this… can probably get the same or better deal at the next gun show

Barska’s not really considered a high end maker. Crimson Trace and LaserMax make universal lasers that are sleeker and a bit nicer, and won’t scar up your rail.

If ya see Red…YOUR dead!

Green mean Cat is loose

Will it work on my Mac?

With its cubular shape and sleek black color, it should sit quite nicely on top of your new Mac TrashCan :wink:

Can anybody find how many mw it is? I’m looking everywhere but I don’t see anything.