Barska Loaded Gear

I notice that the photographs for the Barska Tactical Vests are the same for both the Left-Handed and Right-Handed varieties.
So, ah, what distinguishes one as either Left- or Right-handed?

I’m going to guess they used the same photo because there’s no way a leftie could mount a rifle with that pocket on the shoulder.

I’m just going to add an experience I had with Barska.

I bought a combination laser/flashlight from woot a while back. After maybe 3-5 minutes of ON time the flashlight portion stopped working. The laser would still work. Barska wouldn’t warranty the piece, only offered to mail a new bulb for 20 dollars.

I told woot about the experience thinking they would be interested in the type of products and manufactures they push on their website. They were not phased.

TLDR: Barska makes very low quality goods, think twice if you are buying something you might want to use for any length of time. Woot has no problem selling people junk.

My guess it has to do with the holster. The photos are for a RH crossdraw. I suspect the LH ones come with holsters for a LH crossdraw.

Thanks, that’s all I need to know. PASS!

The vests are regularly on sale for $60 on Amazon so $55 vs. $60 doesn’t inspire an impulse buy. Plus the free return to Amazon is worth $5 extra any-day.

I’ve been on the fence about buying a safe for a long time. This one is the size I want and also fireproof. I’d love to hear from Woot nation on your experience with this one, or similar from this company. I tend to go with reviews from here more so than other sites. I just trust you all more! Thanks!

They reversed the RH Crossdraw pic…they have righted the wrong…or righted the left as the case may be.

In reply to Bob2112’s question.

I have had a Barska Biometric safe for about six months. I open it at least once a day and most days 2-3 times. The only time I’ve had a problem with it, was dust or smudges on the fingerprint reader and a quick wipe with a rag has remedied that. It seems to work fine so far.

Regarding the safe (and almost everything else offered on woot!) - don’t be swayed by the supposed savings off of the “list price” and do your own research: Amazon, woot!'s mother ship, is selling this for only $5 more after free prime shipping. There, you’ll find two good reviews, one ok review, and one terrible review.

Thanks for the replies!
I’ve decided to pass on the safe.

Love honest reviews…especially when your on the fence about a product. Price doesn’t seem to reflect what I would think a Woot! deal should be.

-Customer service gets a bad review
-price point barely competetive
-Woot!'s No Return Policy

I was very interested in the safe…but I’ll have to pass. Woot has been very underwhelming lately…

Correct. And people have no problem buying junk, unfortunately.

I have a Barska biometric safe - not fireproof, but solid and reliable. I wanted quick access, wife wanted the guns locked up while I’m not carrying. This filled the bill as a decent compromise and was a lot cheaper than getting a new wife.

Register your thumbprints instead of your smaller fingers and it will reliably read it correctly first time almost every time. Just get in the habit of smudging your print off as you open the safe. Biometrics are easy to spoof if you can lift the last used fingerprint off the glass.

Sorry it happened but THANK U for sharing your experience!

What is happening to W00T? We don’t know. Things are drop shipped and they feel they have no responsibility for them. Wrong! I haven’t ordered 1 item since they didn’t respond to 9 emails about a product that arrived with poor quality control that was non functional. All we wanted was a replacement or RMA to receive a refund or replacement. The night before we contacted the BBB and told them so, they handled the refund except it still hasn’t shown up in her account 2 weeks after they claimed it would.

Disappointed beyond Words in W00T who we’ve spent thousands and thousands of $ with. We’re finished.

Appreciate your honesty. Less will get screwed over because you posted!

ANY safe can be broken into by anyone going online and finding out how by teenagers sometimes. It happened to us with 3 First Alert, good buys not cheap safes from Costco. Now we keep documents only, anything of value goes into a safe deposit box in 3 different banks. Nothing else to be stolen from the home.

Be careful1

Sure we know. It went from being an aggressive and innovate startup with a loyal fanbase into the clearing-house for all things Amazon just-needs-gone.

Not sure if this will get my post modded/deleted, but are you familiar with The folk(s) behind the old/original woot have had their non-compete clauses expire, so now they’re loaded with Amazon monies and they’re going back to the basics–one item a day until it’s sold out, and it’s actually a pretty steep discount off the going-price.

Oh yeah, they’re doing bags of stuff not-unlike crap.

All the other airsoft guys will be sooooo impressed.

I purchased the Barska RX-200 rifle bag from woot! during this sale. The description included the following specs:

“Main compartment transports 2 rifles up to 45.5” long
Padded interior divider protects rifles during transport”

The bag that arrived was the Barska RX-200 single rifle bag, which retails for less and is designed to carry only one rifle.