Barska Optics & Accessories

Barska stuff generally has mixed reviews. People seem to either love it or hate it. I’ve tried some of their stuff and I’ve found it to be adequate for the price.

I’m not sure if I would trust it in say a combat / life or death situation but it seems pretty sturdy and accurate.

I find that if you take care of it and take the time to set it up properly it performs just as good as a much more expensive item.


I bought the 4-16x50 scope in the last deal and have so far been very happy with it.

I’ve also used GLX lasers in the past and have been happy with them as well… Again, YMMV.

Bought this scope about 8 months ago. Found it difficult to get clear images but had little experience with other scopes as a point of comparison. Recently bought a similarly priced leupold scope (it was on sale) for a different application and was amazed at the image clarity. I would give this scope a 3 out of 5 stars at best if i were to rate it. No matter what i try the image is still just sort of ok. Its hard to explain - its like the image in the leupold scope is brighter, has more clearly defined edges and has much better contrast - making sighting much easier to accomplish. Accuracy was never an issue with the barska.

Comparing Barska to Leupold is like comparing a Yugo to a BMW lol. I pretty much agree with what you said though. I find that optics in the “Barksa Price Range” are fairly accurate but the image quality isn’t on par with say a Leupold or Nikon and the like.

The cheaper stuff generally isn’t bad but it can have some shortfalls. I hunt paper. Pretty much all I do is plink at a range so Barska and the like are perfectly fine for me.

Does anyone think the lights will hold up to use on a 12ga shotgun?

Probably not. This is a rifle scope. Shotgun scopes are a whole different beast.

He was asking about the lights. (and there are plenty of rifle scopes rated for high recoil, up to .50 BMG even)

For a 12 gauge shotgun… I would go Streamlight or Surefire. Probably a Streamlight TLR-1, they are recoil proof… (aluminum housing, dual batteries, common CR123)

I bought the 50mm 10x40 power from the last deal. Not real happy with it. I guess for an $80 scope it’s fine, but the useful image clarity is really from only 10 to about 18 power for me. The image just starts to fog and get terribly dark, progressively worse past about 18-20 power.

Barska AU11846 Green Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight

Barska AU11920 Red Laser Sight with 200 Lumen Flashlight

They appear to be the exact same thing but the red says it comes with a momentary on/off long cable switch. Does the green come with this as well and it is just not listed?

I bought the green micro laser, and it worked right out of the box but failed almost immediately after I mounted it on my weapon. It started bright and clear, then the laser turned off and I could not get it to come back on even though the ‘ready’ lights were lit indicating it had power. It eventually came back on, but was very faint, and seemed to cycle between full brightness and extreme faintness with no observable cause.

I have attempted to contact woot! support to return this defective item, but I have received no response. I will try one or two more times before I initiate a credit card dispute…

Sorry for the delay. Make sure you’re using the support form at the top of the page as we’re still having intermittent problems with direct email.

In the meantime, I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.