Barska Optics & Gun Cases

Wondering if anyone has used for camera gear and thoughts on it?

It has mixed reviews at Amazon. I thought the same thing about camera equipment. It looks like if you have a lot of longer barrel lenses you may be out of luck. But for one or two and a lot of miscellaneous pcs (cables, filters, whatnot) it might work.

is the vest molle compatible? want to know if i can attach things like molle enabled coolers or open umbrellas

I use to carry my gears in these kind of hard cases (one actually looks just like this), but they are heavy, don’t have much space and pluck foam are pluck once only, so a change or addition of gear where things has to be moved around, you either buy a whole new set of sponge or you stuff the sponge back and end up with loose foam. I now just use a rolling suiter camera case which holds much more gear and is much lighter.

I sometimes use my old cases as a kind of waterproof box when in wet conditions, but they I still have to lug that case to wherever I am going.

Yes I can get the Ferguson Police look on the cheap!

Thanks Woot

***I kid, I kid

You can get a similar sized Pelican case cheaper off Amazon and they do exactly the same thing.

I am not seeing a similar sized Pelican case on amazon for less than $100. Please let me know where I can find one for cheaper.

I’m referring to the HD-200 case.


Not exact size, but close if you are wanting something for your pistol.

Similar to the HD600 in size and just under $100