Barska Waterproof 12x60 Storm Binoculars

Most of the cheaper binos are manufactured in China, including most, if not all, Leupolds, which Leupold aficionados still have a tough time grasping. The Leupold Golden Ring binos were mfr’d in the U.S., but they are no longer available.

More expensive binos are typically mfr’d in Japan or Europe, although there are other smaller operations around the world. The Sightrons I mentioned earlier are made in the Phillipines and their parent company is Hoya, which also makes Pentax and Kenko binos.

the 12 is the magnifacation. the 50 is the lens in mil the big lens… the bigger the lens the more clarity you have. it’s measured in milmeters. I foiund 10x or anything bigger requires mounting or you go crazy cause the image shakes all over by the slightest movement of the binoculars. The mounts are usually between the two barrels of the binoculars. you can order a tripod mont for these on amazon as chaeap as 10.00 though i took some 2 x 6" wood made a cut in a circle cut the wood in half and raped it around the barrels of the binoculars then mounted it onj a wood platform and works well but not portable. I hope this helps. there are also one coated not coated and multi coated lenses. to prevent glare and attract more light to the lenses. also there are water resistant to water proof and there isa difference. water proof usually come with hydrogen lenses to preventy foging. as to water resistant where small amounts of water wont penatrate and get inside the binoculars. I hope this info helps so the mag is 12 x image size and the big lens is 50 mm. the numbers like 168 at 300 yrds means the image seems to be( 168 yrds (ft) at the 300 yrds (ft)) as a example.I didn’t look to see the yrds on these. that’s it. Thanks dave