Barstools For You & ADQ

Alright ADQ, I’m going with the GARR. It looks the most comfortable and it has arms. I like clean lines, no fussy details to dust.

Idk adq, Amery looks sweet.

As a lover of butts, ADQ needs adequate squishy for the tushie. My vote is for the Crocus, because it looks like it lovingly hugs your rear.

Oh my dear ADQ!
None of these are good enough for you.
Exquisitely eclectic is what you need,
Your animalistic side you must feed.
Your stools should also be multicultural,
Take a look at these ones sculptural:

And something for every native Texan:

Triangle + B to you!!!

As someone who lives down the street from an IKEA, I’ve learned to dismiss form and function and base all of my furniture purchases on their names.

To that end, the Garr is the most fun to say. “Arrrrr! Sit yer booty in the Garrrrrrrr!”

But the Lynch and the Garratt have some guest-hating implications, which is fun.

And the X-Back and Saddle may have been in 50 Shades of Grey. Buyer beware.

Where can I get THOSE!? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes YES, SARAMWRAP, YES I absolutely do go off names, which is why I too was initially drawn to the GARRRRRRR. I still call my filing cabinet “Alex” because that’s what Ikea told me its name was.

The first photo is the link. They are made by the artist who makes those cool bar stools for Rainforest Cafe.

My bookcase’s name is Billy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure it sounds like we speak a different language in our house. “Oh, I think there’s a dirty Vänlig on the Borgsjö next to the Poäng.” Bonus points for names that we don’t really know how to pronounce, so our version sounds somewhere between a cat puking and someone talking backwards.

P.S. Billy the bookcase says hello:

•Counter Stool Dimensions: 19.5 x 18 x 38 inches ; 15.7 pounds, 24" Seat Height
•Bar Stool Dimensions: 19.5 x 18 x 44 inches ; 16.8 pounds, 30" Seat Height

Gotta go with Crocus… it’s a Barstool Blitz!

We bought the Lynch barstools a while back. They are really nice, and look good. The plastic ring on the bottom sucks though. Scratched the crap out of our hardwood floors. Once the plastic ring breaks, its sharp metal to the floor. Still trying to find a fix with rubber on the bottom or something. be warned.

I vote for these for ADQ:

I would’ve posted pics of people sitting in them but they almost look NSFW.

ADQ, We need to know more about the rest of your decor in order to make a proper recommendation!

Without any more information, I would choose the Crocus because my parents used to have a telephone chair(yes, a single chair that lived by the corded phone) that was a similar shape. For short sits I would probably pick the saddle stool for its simplicity.

I think I’m feelin’ the Crocus too, my decor is still like post-college trying-to-be-an-adult, a little bit funky, mostly Ikea stuff and mostly black & white with punches of colors. My problem is the brown on the Crocus is really not my ideal, I wish it were white or blue or something else because I really dig the style. I’m not as fond of the Biancas though they kinda hit my style points- I prefer the adjustable and spinny ones.

I was going to suggest the Wellington–It has a flat seat and no arms, but it’s well cushioned, black, and spinny/adjustable! Then I did more research and found it also has a walnut back panel, which is great if you like the wood look. I think for either the Crocus or the Wellington, the main feel is going to be black, not brown or even wood. The wood should function as a neutral that sort of fades away or acts like one of your punches of color. Annnd, if you decide the color really doesn’t work but you love the shape, spray paint and masking tape can work wonders and you can have blue/white chairs.

Gosh, thanks so much! I did not think of it this way, and I think you’re talking me into it. This feels like such a big deal which is silly- and you’re so right if I totally hate the wood-stuff, I can paint over it.

I’m giving myself one more sleep on it but I think I’m convinced on a duo of the Croakz.

I do believe I was the first to call out the Crocus as a most excellent choice. Is there a “What’s (going to be) under ADQ’s butt” badge? A golden stool? Can I be named stool champion? :tongue:

The Crocus is $115.19 at mothership with free shipping .

The Lynch is $167.38 a pair w/ free shipping.

The Garr is $94.99 ,again , w/ free shipping .

Just to name a few , Woot should come up with better deals than these.

On the dimensions for the…

“Baxton Studio SD-2203-walnut/black-PSTL Crocus Bar Stool”

Is the 32.8 - 41" H measured from the top of the backrest or from the seat pad?

Just wondering!