Barstools from Baxton Studio

Need to know how high the seat height is

Which one(s), please?

All of them.

I wonder how Herman Miller feels about the Leona barstool

That was my first thought. If I had Eames Lounge, these would go great with it!

Bit disappointed with the Leona stool. Missed buying 3 of them (got the last ONE).

Several problems, first being the mounting holes in the base don’t line up accurately with the support for the backrest.

Second, the material used on the backrest cushion is not the same as that used on the seat.

Third, the metal used for the upright tubing is CHEAP and thin. Nearly as thin as a soda/beer can.

Fourth, the lack of quality steel and rather poor design of the base column means it wobbles around a bit. Enough to be noticeable when seated on it.

Fifth, the finish on the plywood is uneven and poorly done. This one had a noticeable dent in the edge that was there before they applied the finish!

Sometimes Woot has winners… this is not one of those times.