What material are the Retro ones made from? Metal, plastic of some sort?

Why oh why would you use black and white photos of furniture. Even if the color is brown there are varying shades of brown. Poor marketing (i.e., black and white photos) is probably a big part of what landed these on WOOT.

Baxton Studio CH2-Dark Brown-PSTL Torrington Bar Stool Set of 2

Those are color photos. It’s a VERY dark brown.

It’s painted metal.

I hate when bar stools are listed without weight limits, any luck for these? :slight_smile:

What does the Lumisource stool weigh?

We could ask but I can tell you that they will say somewhere between 200-250. This is because they are required to test to a minimum limit, not until it breaks. Almost all furniture has the same stated weight limits.

According to, the shipping weight is 22 lbs.