Bartholomew Park - 3 Pack

Bartholomew Park - 3 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 Bart Park Merlot
1 2006 Bart Park Zinfandel
1 2006 Bart Park Syrah
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These will do well in a cellar for a bit.

If my math is correct, this deal is about 50% off the winery web site prices. That’s a screamin’ deal.

Anyone familiar with these wines?

I’ve been waiting for an organic offering for a while. In for two, partly to support the organic movement :slight_smile:

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Can we get some clarification on the term ‘organic’ as it pertains to this wine and others?

My understanding, coming from Boulder, town of eco-centric crazies and food snobs, is that organically farmed grapes are great. Organically made wine is another story, and can come off as spoiled if not consumed quickly after bottling because it lacks those cellar friendly sulfites.

Does anyone know why the shipping is two dollars more than usual? I shy away from wine woot in summer months because I live in Texas and am fearful of the heat exposure the wine would receive in my area. Just wondering if anyone has issues and if the shopping might have gone up in an attempt to expedite it’s travel time in heat.

You more or less answered your own question - the extra $2 is for Woot’s summer shipping designed to keep your wine safe.

Summertime And The Shipping Isn’t Easy

Here’s Bartholomew Park on yelp

Here’s snooth. No reviews on reds as young as '06 yet.

A review of the '06 Zin at The Wine Spies

Here’s Bartholomew Park’s page on Organic Farming.

And here’s Peter Wellington’s.

The implication here seems to be that organically grown grapes are grown without the use of sulfur. That would not be correct. Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted your comment.

not these specifically, but they are owned by Gumshoe Bunfight, who bought the property from Buena Vista in the 90s. Official history is short, but you can work it out by reading between the lines here, and here, or just in here! In short, the founding Hungarian, who died by being eaten by an alligator in Nicaragua, founded Buena Vista, but it seems Gemlaugh Bundtcake wants to keep that on the DL :smiley: Also see bottom of post for more info. Anyway, the aforementioned Gunfat Bumgoo winery is one we visited on the RPM tour, and their Cab Sauvignon was very good, Claret-like, if pricy-ish at $40. Though that’s cheap compared with Napa.

But I digress. So, they are capable of making good wines, and this may be a decent boutique label, but owned by a bigger - if family-owned - company. (BTW we also went to the former owners, Buena Vista and their Chard and PN was especially brilliant. watch this space for the notes, possibly even early this week, ha ha!)

Street prices are more like $25, or $30 for the Zin according to CT (and not skewed by woot, as there’s never been one), so while this is still a good deal, perhaps it’s not as much as a 50% deal. Still, it’s a LOT less than the rubbish $2 off street which winespies would have got you!. Remember, winery prices are pretty high compared with what they sell at out on the real market. Unless it’s a winery like Rasmussen or Corison where you can’t find it on the street :slight_smile:

More re history of the winery from Prince of Pinot, but I was lucky to get a session day pass, which you may not! so I paste an excerpt for your delectation:

1989 Bartholomew’s widow, Antonia, directed the building of a reproduction of Haraszthy’s columned villa based on surviving photographs. This villa was opened in 1990 and has become part of a 500-acre park owned by the Frank H. Barholomew Trust Foundation. Gundlach-Bundschu took over Hacienda, and operates it on behalf of the Trust Foundation as Bartholomew Park Winery as part of the park at 1000 Vineyard Lane in the town of Sonoma. There is a museum associated with the winery featuring memorabilia from Frank H. Bartholomew.

I must say, this is a welcome reprieve from all those awful inorganic wines we’ve been having here lately. That whole “saltwater and iron ore” taste was starting to get to my palate.

I really want to try these but I am going to wait for the rats.
sits on hands

[How good is this deal?](" title="How good is this deal?)

Screamin’ deal! Solid 52% off, with the caveat that I couldn’t find the 2006 Merlot on the site, so I used the price from 2005. If the winery confirms the price on the Merlot, I will get the sheet updated - but it can only make this a better deal!

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In for two!

Ordered just in time to be in the running to be labrats (pick me)

I’ve been to the winery 2-3 years ago, and had a great impression on the wines. All of the wines impressed me and this is near the end of a long trip in Sonoma.

My partner and I visited this winery on our honeymoon last year. It was the most memorable tasting of the trip, mostly because of the history of the location. It once served as a women’s prison and as others have noted, the original owner was a character.

We bought a case–our largest splurge on the trip. It was a mixed box, but included the Zinfandel offered here.

I happened to have a bottle last week. It has balanced fruit, some spice matched with deeper flavors of chocolate, and a somewhat short finish. I enjoyed it quite a bit and think it’s a steal at the price. I don’t recall the other two wines.

I am so excited that this wine is available on Woot and so sad I didn’t make the rat deadline.

I was not implying the use or absence of anything in specific when farming the grapes, just that you shouldn’t have to be concerned about organically farmed grapes. I have tasted wine made with organically farmed grapes, and it has been good.

Separately, the process of making wine organically can result in terrible wine, as it precludes standard levels of sulfites, which would otherwise preserve the wine and help it bottle age. I try to avoid organically made wine as it usually tastes terrible. It has to be consumed soon after bottling.

When it comes to organic industry, it seems there can be a lack of communication to let the customer know if they are buying wine made with organic grapes or organically made wine. The latter includes both conditions.

NightGhost, thanks for the links. Peter wrote about organic farming, as does the winery. I’ll try to dig up an article on organic wine making later.