Basalt Black Specialty Plates

Basalt Mini Steak Plate 4.5" x 3.5"

1 plate … 4.5" x 3.5" for $11 bucks for steak? WHERE to begin? The size… not big enough for my salad much less my rib-eye. The price … cost more than my rib-eye. The Name … Basalt is a rock not porcelain.

Well, basalt is indeed a rock but these are porcelain.

Revol has a “Basalt Collection”. They describe it as:

This collection combines the aesthetic qualities of slate and the advantages of porcelain.

cheaper on AMAZON and a 1 star review

Since they are “Starless and Basalt Black” … I would think they would be perfect for serving “Larks Tongue in Aspic”. Possibly even fit for use “In the Court of the Crimson King”.

So…the bowls sold both individually and in the set of 3 are the same exact bowls right? Cause as far as I can tell they are, but if someone bought 3 single bowls it comes out to $47.97 but the same sold as a set of 3 is $49.99? Is there something I missed here or is this not making any sense to anyone else?

Edit: Oh, I see now, you are paying an extra $2.02 for them to come in a gift box. I guess if you really want the box then you want the 3 set, but if you just want to bowls buy them as singles.

There are a number of (South) Korean restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area that cooks food at your table over black basalt. I can’t say if there’s any difference in flavor but it was a nice set-up and presentation.

5 french fries? LOL.

lol - the “Basalt Square Plate” is direct from the Home Depot flooring department, with a quick stop to add an extra zero to the cost of each tile.

I would LOVE to be invited to dinner where someone served me a meal on hot piece of flooring tile…

Really, Woot!?

perfect for flintstones themed events…

These look pretty cool but I have to admit I am just not refined enough to be able to get away with it.

Some of this is cheaper on amazon. Any plans to adjust the price?

Only if you are a 21st Century Schizoid Man.

What a rip off!

A complete rip off and misrepresentation. False advertising. Nothing like the photo. You can’t even fit a half piece of bacon on it much less a steak.

Woot should be ashamed of themselves duping their customers into buying such a worthless piece of crap!