Base! How Low Can You Go?

Cute :slight_smile:

Funny, but not something I’d buy. I might wear it if it was given to me as a gift, though.

Happy opening day baseball fans!

congrats Hector!

Ah! tough decision! I don’t like sports… but this is a red shirt… my favorite! THIS IS SO HARD! But I do like keeping the peace… grrr

This literally made me go “awwwwe”.

I’m pretty sure I went to opening day yesterday, woot.

HA! I get it…it’s a baseball with a broken arm!

I like the shirt color. Not my style. Hehe…:stuck_out_tongue:

A commentary on the state of today’s baseball? Is it really that violence nowadays?

My softball team’s jerseys are red. I HAD to buy this. :slight_smile:

Opening day, and this is the best you can come up with?
not gonna lie, it’s kinda lame…

This reminds me of Lucky Number Slevin, in which a fast ball was used to kill a bookie…

Love the title, don’t think the shirt is something I’d ever wear though.

Heh this is pretty cute- Does anyone else feel that there’s something strangely endearing about the speech bubble?

Kudos for drawing the words instead of typing them. Cool design!

What’s with this shirts condition?
I don’t know what to make of it.

Dope Title!

We can fight the power like this was… P.E. Class!!!

I laughed. this is a pretty amusing design.

I think the condition is on first…