Baseball Closeouts

Hmmm, thought I see Troy Tulowitzki here, since the Rockies have no reason to keep him with their clueless tight-fisted management!

I noticed the gloves marked “LH”, presumably for left hands, look to have the same hand orientation as all the others. Perhaps the others have the wrong pictures? Which one would I get to put the glove on my left hand and throw with my right, the LH ones"?

The gloves are listed as game ready. Does that mean they are properly broken in or are they just pretty pliable that you can use them but they still recommend going through the breaking in process?

No, the LH indicates Left-hand throw. So if you throw with your right-hand, do not get the LH glove.

Can anyone help me with sizing? I’m just looking for a glove to play catch with my son. I don’t have huge hands or anything. Would this one work for me?

I just want to make sure before I order, the ones that say they are LH mitts, those are for Left Hand throw, and they wear the mitt on the right hand. They are showing pictures of the opposite and I need the Mitt for a left handed kid…

You nailed it. LH- Left Hand Throw, Right Hand Gloved.

I was more concerned about the pictures showing the wrong mitt.