Baseball Stadium UltraMurals

Made to order? Is Woot making all these wall art things they’ve been selling lately?

Really? THIS Diamondback’s Chase Field photo again? No highlights of any of the stadium’s uniqueness, just a giant flag and some dude’s arm taking a cell phone photo? Does anyone actually buy this picture or is that why it keeps ending up on woot?

Yeah, gotta say most of these are awful. Why take one with nearly empty stands.

Ah. Right. This one.

Every time I look at the Turner Field one being on sale, I waver. Then I look at the big fat foul line pole in the big fat center point of the frame, and decide that I don’t want it.

Hi my name is Matt from UltraMurals. We are happy to be able to offer these quality canvases on woot! They are very large at 4 feet across, printed on high quality cotton canvas and hand-stretched on a wooden 1.5" frame. These look great hanging on the wall.

We know baseball fans are very passionate and if we did not get your favorite shot of your team’s stadium I apologize. An effort was made to get every team represented and we have used feedback to try and adjust images or find new ones when possible.

I will be checking the discussion board while the sale is live so if you have any questions please let me know.

Sometimes a little photoshop goes a long way. In that case, I think it would be acceptable.

Yup. That, or taking a picture from a different angle. That’s fine, too.

I saw you added GABP - this is an absolutely great shot, and a purchase. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome, happy we could get that added for you!

Bought the Citizen’s Bank Park Phillies stadium even with the Reds dude on the section with the jumbotron. Otherwise the angel of the photo is pretty good. You see the bull pens, the Liberty Bell, a sense of the stadium’s size.

Guess this was a more recent photo. Last year? Year before the seats were sold out almost throughout the entire season. Clearly in this photo, they are not.

B+. Bought it. Can probably take a better photo myself with a time machine and a better year. I like the idea of how the photo is presented on canvas. Might have to revise my rating after seeing the product on my wall.

Again, bought one.

This is the same Target Field picture as last time. It’s showing nearly empty seats while the grounds crew is working on the infield. I’d buy one if the photo was actually showing game action instead of a guy on a tractor and a guy with a hose.

Also, why is it looking in from right field instead of looking out? The Minneapolis skyline view over right field is one of the highlights of Target Field.

The Mets’ Citi Field picture has a Florida marlin on display on the big screen…lol.

I have the Busch Stadium pano in my living room and it’s awesome. Love it. I don’t care that it shows pre-game with mostly empty stands and grounds crew working. It shows off the beauty of the stadium and the skyline over the bleachers. I get so many compliments on it.

The Comerica Park one needs to be taken from behind home plate.
That would include the scoreboard as well as the Detroit skyline.
Instead it a view of the left field stands and a parking garage in the background.
I’d buy that picture…this one. bleh.
And doing it in 2014 would be a good idea since they put down all new sod.

Wow. so I was thinking about getting the Cubs one for my dad, but you decided to put a giant silhouette of a guy on 1/3 of the mural? not sure what the heck you guys were thinking, this basically destroys what would be a nice picture otherwise…

When selecting images unfortunately because the canvases are so large many are not high enough resolution and many photographers charge very high royalty fees that would significantly drive the price of the canvases up. We want to offer big, quality canvases at a low price on woot! and with that in mind we do our best to select a great shot for each stadium.

For Wrigley field that appears to be a vendor in the shot which actually gives it a cool feel IMO but not every image is going to work for everyone.

That foul pole on the Turner Field shot is killing me. Definite no just because of that.

Removing the foul pole would require some serious photo shop, rebuilding everything in behind it. We typically avoid this because when printed out at full size the work would have to be really spot on or the image would look fake. We appreciate the feedback though and will take a look at that image in particular going forward. The sunset and colors on that shot make it one of the best looking canvases in the group.

I like the silhouette on the Cub’s stadium. To me it makes the picture feel more inclusive of me as part of the audience watching the game while naturally framing the action.

Perhaps I like it because I’ve taken similar photographs. By the way I can see why someone who might want to see more stadium might dislike the artistic license here.