Baseball Stadium UltraMurals

I’m a New York Mets fan and I’d buy this if the Marlins weren’t featured on the scoreboard. Most Met fans hate the Marlins.

Do the ultramural folks hate the Blue Jays? Never included, ever.

Hate is such a strong word…

I like how the Cincinnati Reds one has a near empty stadium and the grounds crew tractor out on the infield.

How else can you explain it? Every UltraMural sale there’s every team but the Blue Jays? I’m beyond conspiracy at this point.

Not surprising to see there are hardly any fans in Tampa Bay - how does this team survive with their attendance?

Why use a photo taken during the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley?

Seriously, this is a lot of money for poorly chosen images.

It also looks like really low resolution. Were these photos taken by random fans with some POS like an iphone?

Licensing issues, probably. One company likely has US rights, another Canadian rights, and the company with US rights isn’t going to put much money into Jays gear, and the company with Canadian rights is gonna do mostly Jays and teams near the border. And the Yankees, of course.

Also, is there anyone who would want to put a picture of the Rogers Centre on their wall? Not exactly the prettiest stadium in baseball. Though Tropicana Field somehow managed to get one…

Why would I spend $70 on Busch stadium when they are cleaning it?

Really? Couldn’t even get a typical full stadium with players on the field picture?

And how old is this picture? There isn’t even the iconic Arch in mowed into to the grass.


The Coors Field picture looks really old. As in, their 2007 run for the World Series old. Notice the logo in the grass between the Rockies dugout and the line of players. The ballpark scoreboard has changed considerably since then.

No Padres love? Petco Park is one of the best parts in the MLB :frowning:

Came here to say the same thing. Awful job with timing of that photo.

Not as an exact criticism for this product, but Costco photo will do a canvas panorama for you for roughly the same price (you choose the photo). They come out really really nicely.

I liked it until I read the comments. Then I went back and looked at the photo in more detail. I’m an O’s fan and the picture they chose is from between innings with the pitcher warming up.

Most fans of the Indians know that Progressive Field in Cleveland underwent some renovations over the winter. It appears to me that the mural for The Prog is current. Note the center field bullpens, removal of the visitors’ bullpen adjacent to the fair pole in right field, and the removal of many seats in the right field upper deck.

This assumes, of course, that the picture you receive is the same as the photographic representation… the stadium is at least full, there are players on the field. I can’t tell who’s on the scoreboard. Given the crowd, I’m guessing it’s the opening series vs. Detroit (blech).

Edit: If this was indeed the home opener, I’m seriously considering buying it, since I was there. :slight_smile:

Edit again: The dated photos aside, can anyone who has purchased these in the past speak to the overall quality of the materials used, including clarity of the image?

I bought one of these a while back as a gift. It looks like crap. Dull muted colors, and too low res for the size of the print. I was too embarrassed to even give it.

I of course would want an image of Rogers on my wall, especially if it was one of the ones with the roof open and the CN Tower in the back, or if one of these could be done:

Would probably pull the trigger on Busch if it was a better image…

-Not centered
-Looks like an overcast day
-Hardly anyone in the seats
-Grounds crew on the field
-Not super recent (Ballpark Village is actually a pretty cool background from this angle)

Maybe next time…

I am terribly sorry to hear this, we have received great feedback on the print quality and take any issues like this very seriously. Nothing should ever be dull or muted and we make sure that all images are plenty high enough resolution for the print size. I will message you to see if we can resolve this issue and get a re-print out to you.