Baseball Stadium UltraMurals

  1. There are at least two stadium clocks - one showing the time of day, and one showing the duration of the game. There’s just no countdown clock because there’s no game time limit.

  2. Many baseball managers used to wear standard business suits. Some managers were player-managers, so had to wear uniforms. It took decades before all managers wore uniforms.

  3. The product is a great idea for fans, but the Dodger Stadium photo is not a good shot. At least it shows the stadium before Frank McCourt finished turning what had been the most beautiful stadium in the majors, as chosen by the players, into one of the ugliest.

  4. One last nit to pick - you never heard of Dodger Stadium or Yankee Stadium or any of the other baseball stadiums?

There is no “Green Monsta” in the “Green Monster” mural.

On the off chance the manufacturer is paying attention here: I would get either the Nationals Park or the Target Field murals in a heartbeat, if and only if either was taken during game play. Instead, the Minnesota picture shows the grounds crew running machines over the infield, and the Washington picture shows a visiting team (the Brewers?) warming up an hour before a game.

Those appear to be terrible stock images. The actual product photos are probably the ones found here:

Edited: I take that back, the Nationals one is the same image. I’m a Mets fan and noticed the Citi Field one was different, so thought they all were.

I’m not sure why, but at quick glance most of these seem to be terrible angles of the stadiums. Maybe they were trying to switch it up from the traditional view from high above home plate looking out, but I have to pass on this.

Agreed. Why would you take a panoramic shot of Wrigley Field from so far back under the overhang? A good third of the picture is the backs of people heads in shadows. There are many beautiful pictures of America’s ballparks. These aren’t them.

These are $94 for a 48"x16". Their website shows $80 for 48"x20". I must be missing something.

The price online is more expensive. It adds $80 to the base price for the 40x20, so the total cost is $150. You need to pay attention to the price at in the top right corner of the screen when selecting the size on their website. So this is actually a deal.

Long time Cardinals fan… I would never hang a picture of the grounds crew on my wall. If you can’t do it during regulation play, then at least do it when it is empty. I currently have a $5 poster on my cubicle wall that is a gazillion times better than this one.

No Wrigley? No Money.


If you look at the full mural it’s there out in left field where it always is; just missing its left most side.

No Great American Ballpark? You couldn’t find someone with an iPhone on panoramic in Cincinnati?


I was thinking about getting the Mets one for my nephew, till I noticed that the Marlins are on the big screens. Stupid move.

I think the consensus here is that these are downright awful prints. These may have been taken by “photographers” but they didn’t have baseball fans in mind.

I counted 29 options, but no Great American Ballpark. Hmmph.

OK, so I’m all set to buy the Citi Field one for the Mets and there is a Florida Marlins player on the Jumbo Tron. You couldn’t Photo shop a Mets player on to that?

Agreed on the images. Of all the photos that could be used, the groundscrew? With the stands half full? Why would anyone pay these kind of prices for a print of someone watering down the dirt?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a mural of the ORIGINAL Yankee Stadium. The one that many of us went to when we were kids in the 50s and 60s?

Something about the “new” Yankee Stadium just doesn’t rub right with me.