Baseball Stadium UltraMurals

Hi I am Matt with UltraMurals, we have to make a call on certain images for the sale and we select what we have found to be the most popular in the past. That may not be ideal for every fan they may want something different from the shot but we tried to choose a popular image for each stadium.

I believe the price you were looking at is for the peel n’ stick wall mural option which is a different product.

They have 29 of the 30 stadiums(I didn’t double check for repeats, but I did count!), and they leave out Cincinnati’s GABP? Curious decision.

3 in Boston. Only 3 teams not represented are Redlegs, Marlins and Blue Jays. Its not like we were the first professional team or anything…

Honestly, I would not admit that. The pictures do not capture the ambiance of the stadiums or capture the magic of attending a ball game in any the parks.

The Camden yards mural is a different image than the one one the ultra murals website, I guess you’re getting the one on here?

There are two options on the UltraMurals website for Camden yards, the one pictured here ( is the one available through this Woot! offering.

What the??? How does your picture of Chase Field not even show the roof? or an angle that spotlights the outfield swimming pool? No…instead it’s a picture highlighting a guys arm taking a cell phone picture…

Great work…was so ready to jump on one until I looked at the Dbacks.

No Great American Ballpark?! No love for us Cincinnati Reds fans :frowning:

We’re sorry! The Great American Ballpark images in our collection did not fit for this option (48"x16"). On behalf of UltraMurals I apologize to all the Reds and Blue Jays fans. And the Marlins fans that may or may not be out there.

Agreed! The new “Yankee” stadium simply isn’t Yankee stadium to me. And I went to games in the 80’s, 90’s and early aughts.

People are giving the photos a good bit a grief (and rightfully so for a few of them), but I grabbed the Fenway Park Green Monster print last time these went up and it looks very nice.
Although for a photo titled “green monster” it only contains about half of the actual green monster.

Regardless, it looks awesome on the wall next to my desk. Baseball is an extremely aesthetically pleasing sport and most of these look to be pretty good. I almost want to pick up the PNC park one. One of the nicest looking parks in the game right now IMO.

Is there a GABP version coming soon that might be in a future Woot sale?

Considering the interest we have seen if we run this sale again I will make sure that we find an image for the Great American Ballpark. Sorry to disappoint, we were bummed when we couldn’t find one in time for this sale.

Well, you can count at least one guaranteed purchase here. Thanks!

I remember these from the last sale. The comments here echo the previous ones.

The Citizens Bank Park picture is horrible. This is a stadium that has been sold out for years, but the picture shows not even close to full attendance? The opposing team on the big screen?

I’d rather pay double for a good picture, sorry UltraMurals, this is a big let down to us.

The baloney story about using most popular photos is, well, bologna.

Well, I’m not sure how I missed that one, but thanks for letting me know. Then I saw the picture. Down in front, peanut guy!

I think that perhaps the preview does not do the image justice, the canvas looks great in person and has been a popular selling item. (also it’s Ken Griffey Jr. on the scoreboard so some fans really like that) I appreciate the feedback from the woot! community, our goal is to offer a quality product and to sell as many canvases as possible. With that in mind all of the images selected have been popular items in the past. One thing that is a bit difficult to convey on a web image is that our canvases are high quality and hand-wrapped and look great in person. It speaks to the passion of fans that many are very particular about the shots that were taken during live action or before games. We will use the feedback provided to take a look at our collection and see if certain items can be improved upon. Often times there will be a few critical comments from passionate consumers but at the canvas itself will be incredibly popular and sell very well so we try and balance that into our decisions.

Hi Matt!

I want to give props to Matt for being so active in the discussion and answering questions.