Baseball Stadium UltraMurals

Thanks Popeye! We think woot! is great and love the way the customer base gets involved with the deals. The feedback is really helpful and helps us better serve our customers.

Hey Matt, I know this is strictly a baseball stadium Woot! but was curious if you had any plans on adding a pring of center ice at Joe Louis Arena home of the Detroit Red Wings. They’ve won about as many Stanley Cups as anyone else, if not more, in the last 10-15 years and I consider them a fairly popular team so why no love?

Camden Yards all the way–The stadium that started the new look ball parks.

Stay away. I purchased Turner Field last time as the foul pole in the middle of the picture didn’t bother me. But not only are the Braves losing at the time of the picture, but a Chicago Cub is featured prominently on the video board. I have to talk about this every single time someone visits.

And shipping took forever on this, for me anyways.