BASIC Time Travel

tres geeky

Coding AND time travel! Also reminds me of this one time when I got high, and my thought process was stuck in a loop… you didn’t need to know that part. Never mind.

I don’t remember my programming well enough to completely decipher all this, but I think I get the gist of it. (yes, it’s been a long time since I coded anything) But hey, I did just blue screened a computer today! Oddly appropriate shirt then in a weird sorta way.

I think this is how Inception started. The nerd in me loves this shirt.

Should I admit I still own my Commodore 64? And it still works! Love the 8-bit world. Learned to program on my VIC-20, which had even less memory than the C64 did. Loaded Zaxxon from data-cassette - took 45 minutes to load that game before it could be played!

LOAD “*”, 8, 1


$tring Theory.

I miss my Commodore 64, so of course I bought one of these.

Commodore 64! My first computer! (And now I feel wicked old)

A proper time loop should be moving the system time a bit extra forward or backward with each loop. As is, this is just an infinite loop in real time.

TRS-80 Customer Support here.
Hello World.

Holy smokes, the time loop worked.

This is the geekiest design I’ve done, and likely the geekiest design I’ll ever do. I remember spending hours on my C64, copying wares, playing games, and messing around on the local BBS. This design pretty much sums up everything I’ve ever known about “coding”.

I hope you enjoy this shirt as much as I enjoyed designing it.

Here’s a playable version of the guessing game in the description as requested. I took the liberty of stripping out the lying… I like my computers to be honest.

Play here: Applesoft BASIC in JavaScript

I was gunna mention that I had one of these too…and taught my father how to program BASIC on it.

and … I was the first of my craft to be contracted by a major corporation to do on-line “stage appearances” on the fledgling networks:
Apple Talk
PC Link
Q-link for Commodore
before they all morphed into

no graphics, large numbers of people, all over the place, reading my every word … and chatting with each other…

OMG, How I remember coding in BASIC.

The issue is there is no exit from the loop. However, this is Woot, and there is no exit. (Abandon all hope ye who etc., etc., etc.)(Snapster excepted)
So, In some weird way, It will entertain Jason for hours.

Wish it was green printing on black.

good basic fun. way to fade out of the loop : )

way way way esoteric.