Basics (Of Course)

Woo-hoo, in for one of those special baggie thingies. I forget what they’re called exactly.


Darn I just missed out on the Bundle of Cool things

TwinXL sheets. This really would have been useful when I went to college. . . . 11 years ago.
Way to be on the ball woot.

You know, I was checking everything out, thought there might be a surprise somewhere, got sidetracked by the lunchboxes (can’t justify right now), and found/bought the bag without even noticing the obvious hint in the name. Until just now. I’m kind of an idiot who is easily distracted by lunchboxes.

Dang. Missed it, even though the suggestive title.

The description gives hope that more will be offered throughout the week, though …

Congrats! It’s nice when things just kind of fall into place, isn’t it?

congrats to all the clever dolphins out there.

it pays to be on the lookout!

Oh you sneaky little monkeys…


I wonder if there will be more…

Congrats! 1st one in two years, hope you get some good crapola.

I got sidetracked (like others). I was suckered into the home/dorm theatre stuff…

Rumor has it (started by me) the prez of Amazon is including a lottery type item in these bags of gold.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I keep going back on the Rubbermaid Flex’n Carry Mini Basket. Per the decription:

“Perfect for college students or anyone who needs to tote their laundry, the Flex ‘n Carry Mini Basket is designed to carry laundry with less effort. Its soft, flexible handles fold together for easy carrying and its material flexes back to its original shape when not in use.”

The dimensions are 7.36" x 11.96" x 7.15" which seem too small for laundry

I have a couple of them, and they’re good for a load’s worth of non-bulky stuff. underwear, socks, shirts, pants.

I have one of those & it’s a little small for laundry, but nice for other purposes. I used to keep my magazines in it, I kept my yarn in it when I tried to learn how to crochet. I’m not sure what’s in it right now…

I find Ikea’s reusable bags to work as the perfect laundry bag. It’s big enough for a full load, folds when not needed, and water proof (as I don’t dryer dry a lot of my shirts and need an interim carrier). Also, they’re really affordable if you’re local to an Ikea.

The injinji socks say a medium is a men’s 8-10.5 or a women’s 9-11.5.

The Fila socks compare a men’s 6.5-8 to a women’s 8.5-10.

One of these seems a little off.
(Wearing size 8-9 in women’s and size 6.5-7 in men’s, I’m thinking it’s the Injinji. Which is a shame, because I’d love some cheaper toe socks, but what size could I order?)