Basketballs & Baskets

I wonder how woot was able to get and sell these Hornets/Bobcats Basketballs so cheap…

New Orleans Pelicans logo is definitely a step up from their Hornets one. although, Hornets > Pelicans

Would love to see basketball shoes on here sometime!

Got your wish. Too bad they’re heavy blister factories

Hey! Did you see that we made Sports Illustrated!??!?!

Read all about it here

I bought the 10 panel ball from this woot and it’s awful. They play like medicine balls have no grip. The panels are poorly glued on and are ripping off before I even used it.

I’m very disappointed. I would’ve been better off going to 5 and below and buying their cheap rubber balls. At least I can bounce those.

Got the black/brown varsity ball today. Pumped it up and played all day. Great for playing street ball. Seems tough and i think it will hold up really well.

Also got the 44" eco-composite board today. The box was all smashed up upon arrival. While i was mounting the backboard to a metal pole (no mounting kit included), i notice that the top of the backboard had about a 10" crack in it. Covered it with gorilla tape and can barely tell its there(hope it holds up).

Overall cant complain for the price($46.00 for backboard and ball + $5.00 shipping). Works great for me.