Bat Out Of Dell

hey woot! can you PLEASE check the specs on these? On $600 Dell, it says WinPro7 in two places, and then says it has Win 8 in another. On the $499 model, it says it has a 4 cell batter, and then further down it says 3 cell.


Good call out. Checking!

Update: sales are fixed.

Also: the $559.99 E7240 has a 256 GB SSD, a webcam, and a (theoretically, see below) 4-cell battery, while the $579.99 E7240 has a 128 GB SSD, no webcam, and a 3-cell battery. All other specs are identical. Why is the laptop with slightly worse specs slightly more expensive?

The $559.99 E7240 also has a 4-cell battery in the specs, but the “in the box” states a 3-cell battery. Which is it?