Bates Boots

the black ones look useful, I have to start carrying mail in about a month, good walking shoe for that?

I recall several comments about these being great for motorcycle riding last time they were offered, but some debate on the “waterproofness”.

Any comments re: their usefulness in muddy conditions, caused by central Texas spring rains and heat? Or, should I stick to work boots? (I like the possibility of lightweight and breathable upper in Texas.)

Wow what a GREAT price - only $5 more than Amazon before $5 shipping.

Thanks Woot!

I got these a couple of months ago through woot. Silly me didn’t check if these boots were compliant with AR670-1.

They are not compliant. Most glaring, is the fact that they arent made of cow leather. Theyre either wolverine leather, or some type of synthetic leather.

Luckily, my command isn’t strict on boots, so these make exexcellent, comfortable boots for light duty.

I wouldn’t use them for a walking boot, though.

Not really.