Bates Men's Raide Sport Fire/Safety Boot

Bates Men's Raide Sport Fire/Safety Boot

It would be nice if we could select a size and then see which of the six styles are available. I had to check all six just to find that none were available in my size. As the (already narrow) size selection shrinks, the chances a customer will find his size goes down exponentially.

You ARE able to select a size and then see what color/style is available.

At least…

That works for me.

I totally feel your pain! If you make the size selection first, it will allow you to only pick the shoes that comes in that size. Hope that helps!

What is the rawhide mentioned in this quote that follows:? " The Bates rawhide gives you a dynamic fit with an 8mm heel drop. " These don’t look like heel drop boots. Are they really?

Hi there - it is a leather/mesh upper with a rubber sole. The heel does have an 8mm heel drop - it is referring to the amount of lift in the heel compared to the rest of the base of the shoe. Hope that helps!