Bates Raide Sport Mid Leather Boot


Bates Raide Sport Mid Leather Boot

Uh, were the pictures of this boot updated, today? This no longer looks like what I ordered, and isn’t what I wanted.

Can I get my order cancelled if the wrong images of the product were used at the time of my order? What I ordered looked much more similar to the Velocitor FX Tactical, but in brown. Sadly that one doesn’t come in a 12M, but is the style of boot I thought I was ordering.

Yeah, I think someone did and they’re not supposed to do that without letting me know. Sigh.

Feel free to email Woot! Customer Service to see if they can cancel the order. If not, you can get a free return.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Thank you, I’ve emailed requesting a cancellation. Frustrating, as you so rarely have the more rugged boots in a more common size like 12M, and I was really looking forward to a pair. =(

Got a canned response saying it can’t be cancelled, and I’ll have to do a return after it gets here, then wait longer to get a refund.

Super not happy about this, as now I have to spend my time heading out to drop off a thing I didn’t want, and not get my refund until who knows when.

We’re going to contact people that ordered before the change so they’re likely telling the vendor to hold shipments. Hang tight.