Bates Tactical Hiking Boots

So did you ever have size 13s or do you like toying with us and listing it greyed-out?

Any idea if these are waterproof or not? Is the tongue attached most of the way up the sides? It certainly seems so.

So can we talk about the over-use of the word “tactical”? What exactly makes something tactical these days? Because it seems like everything is tactical. You can buy tactical grill aprons, tactical hiking boots, tactical backpacks, tactical bread makers (okay I made that last one up). But you see my point.

Also the only way to make these boots look more uncomfortable would be to put inward facing spikes like a traditional iron maiden.

That’s what I was thinking. Maybe they’re for tactical hiking which would consist of sitting on the couch and playing Battlefield 4 and wearing your tactical boots.

I want a pair but need to know if these are a good brand known for comfort and durability.

Bates are awesome boots. If I wasn’t tapped out on funds, I’d scarf these up! I wear Bates Sport Tacticals in black at work most days. Had this pair for over two years now and they’re still going strong. Bates are very popular with law enforcement, which might tell you about their comfort and durability…

From the Mothership:

fyi… could find absolutely no reviews on this particular boot. Also, many of Bates’ products are USA made, this one is not.

They do not have a membrane liner, so they can’t be considered waterproof. However, the tongue is sewn all the way up the vamp, that, plus the leather upper and full sidewall wrap make these boots as close to waterproof as you can get w/o a membrane.

If it’s listed, it was available. 13s are still around in the regular width, not wide, though.

Yeah unfortunately that doesn’t help me with my size 13EE feet/flippers…

Hmmm, yes, sorry. I’ve got some 13 wides coming down the road in another boot, though. Soooo, we’re trying over here, we’re trying!

what a stunner… no 11 1/2 wide

Ummmm, tactical hiking boots that are not waterproof? I bought a pair like that ONCE before…my feet got wet from the morning dew clinging to the grass.

So go to Home Depot and drop 20 bucks on a set of NeverWet. Bingo, guaranteed waterproof. And dirt proof. And stain proof. Smudge proof…

Wide? Just how wide is ‘wide’?

There are only a few manufacturers who make shoes in my size, and I’m willing to bet this isn’t one of them.

I wear a size 7EEEEEE. That’s not a tyop: SIX E

“Tactical hiking boots”… reminds me of seeing some toilet paper marked “Advanced!” I’m not sure what it means in this context and I’m almost afraid to find out.

Since Bates is tacticool company I guess they need to assure all of us BTDT HSLD operators that we’re covered in case our weekend camping somehow turns into Red Dawn.


I got my 13 ‘Regulars’ today. They were actually labeled EW in the tongue. The box said M. So they might have wides and not even know it. I’m trying to figure out what to do with the wides I received. I need regulars.

Might not be waterproof, but they are full grained leather. Just toss some Sno Seal or Nikwax on them, maybe a little leather treatment, and you should be good to go. You could try Rust-Oleum’s Neverwet but from past experience it doesn’t last half as long as a wax-agent that is absorbed into the leather.

I got my Medium Width 14’s this week from the last woot,
been wearing them shoveling all day.
Decent boots,
feet are still pretty dry,
but one of the eyelets pulled off this morning,
2nd time I had strapped them up.

Since the tongue is sewn to the side, I can’t just pass the lace through the small hole left by the eyelet when it came off.

So not bad boots, just hard to say if the other eyelets are going to pop off, or if that one was a fluke.

I got mine in the mail. They’re oversized. I wear a size 10, medium and that’s what I ordered and what I got but they’re rather large. They seem alright when tightened and maybe they’ll fit better once broken in but they’re a big 10, that’s for sure.