Bath and Body

Word of warning: stay away from the “Oil Rubbed Bronze” finish. It’s a surface coating of some kind, and it’s very fragile. The finish was flaking off the soap dish (and embedding itself in my soap) within a couple months of purchase; wound up throwing it away.

Any place where I can get an idea what these candles smell like? This would make a great present for one of my family members. Don’t want to get them a candle that smells like crap though.

The 8 hours fuel cells are overpriced. They are just standard generic cells that can be had for 50 cents a piece all day long.

Heyyyy, you finally fixed the prices on those Aloe Cadabra sets.

See? We do notice it when you try a little harder.

Good on ya Woot! (it only took like 5 sales).

Wow, I was wondering the same thing, but it’s hard to find these candles anywhere else. According to Seven Colonial, the Havana candles “feature fragrances of Amber and Tobacco” ( That’s all I can find; I’d also love more info and maybe some reviews!

Unfortunately, scratch-n-sniff internet technology hasn’t progressed as fast as we would like. Maybe previous buyers can chime in?

I’m glad to see Woot selling candles during the cooler months, instead of during the summer.

Use your imagination.

Kinda confused about that Aloe stuff. Uhhh…is that, uhhh… lube? I was thinking it might be something for the hands, but there are several points in the description that mention vagina. It also says it’s edible. Hmmm…

[MOD EDIT] Removed unnecessary adjective.

Well, the description calls it a personal lubricant, so yes, and yes. And, oh god yes. And I’m done.

And they say on the box to not refill. Can’t see how to open them without damaging the top either. :stuck_out_tongue:

The BrightFeet Slippers are pieces of crap. Not even worth $5. The ones that I received from woot will barely light up unless you stand in a weird position. Only the front LEDs will light up, not the side ones. At this point I think the side LEDs are just for show instead of function. I’ve already broken the battery tray on one of them because I literally think it’s glued in. The other battery tray came right out without much fuss. I wouldn’t buy again even if they were a dollar. How can such a simple concept be such a disaster? I’m very disappointed.

It looks like the slippers have a 6 month warranty from Brightfeet. Click here to reach their customer service. Hope that helps!