Bath Clearance

Rats! Missed the TheraPearl set. Looks like this is going to be a hot summer, they would have been perfect to beat the heat.

What, no “steel” wash cloths? At all? What if I bat my eyes and say “pretty please?”
Fine, be that way.

Still never got my rimless mirror. I’ve filled out the support form online twice. I even posted it here in the forum, and it was apparently deleted. I am missing 2 items from the order I placed this day (from 2 different Woot Plus sales), and it has now been a month. Thanks Woot for a fun 6 years, but I’m not ordering anything else until I get these 2 items (and, you know, a response from customer support about it).

Sorry about that. I’ll put you on my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Nope, nothing. No items, no reply from customer service. I just sent another support-page request :frowning:

CS looked up your contacts and could find no reference about a mirror. Could you please email with specific info including the order number and what you are missing.

The last email they have from the email address on your woot account is 6/11.

We can only search by the email address on your woot account. If you are using a different account, be sure to include your order number and woot username.

I have emailed literally 4 times and filled out the online support form 4 times. No reply, ever. This is my woot account user name. Next stop is a BBB complaint :frowning:

Please feel free to PM me more info. As I mentioned, they searched by your email address associated with your Woot account and couldn’t find anything from that email address.

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