Bath Essentials: Bach's Tub

sweet. more iphone razor sharpeners.

Here just to say : DON’T BUY THE RAZORS IF YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOURSELF. They are literally the worst.

Absolutely correct. I’d feel comfortable giving these razors to someone on suicide watch.

BEM-200 Breathe Easy Mouthpiece
Ordered this for the bf last time it was on Woot. Since he started using it I no longer hear the sleep apnea choking/death noise at night. Snoring has been significantly reduced and often non-existent. Took some getting used to , but he said he’s feeling better after using it.

Where is the wig powder?

I don’t know why, but the picture for this woot made my laugh (out loud). Good job with that one.

I had one of these razors actually fall apart on me. This is a mistake I will not repeat. I still have four heads left since the last time I bought them, though.

But also, the suicide-by-razor joke isn’t cool.

Has anyone tried the Clarisonic Compatible Replacement Brushes? I’m wondering if these fit well in the Clarisonic Mia (I think I have the Mia 2, but it is not the one that has two speeds)

Surround sound from your shower curtain…

Hey, just tuck your Android into the clear pocket, and voila!! it gives a whole new meaning to a Hangouts video chat!

I ordered the package of EIGHT razors and got only FOUR. Not a reliable source to deal with!

I’m sorry for the problem. It’s possible they’re shipping separately so you might want to give it a few days.

If all else fails, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.