Bath Party Wooooo

ok that shower tune liner is rather disturbing… ‘you can call or answer your phone’ what if it was a facetime call and you answered … there are some things I just don’t want to share

Wish there were more pics of that revolving linen storage unit.

I can’t see any way this could be that close to the wall and still revolve.

Any staffers seen this in use?

Clever idea, I ended up accomplishing the same goal using one of those suction cup phone mounts made for your car’s windshield and a bluetooth speaker. However, my phone probably does get more wet than it should. This might be safer, but I wonder how well a touchscreen phone works behind the plastic pocket.

Yes, and make sure your front facing camera is properly aligned so the NSA can see EVERYTHING at any point during your shower. Multiple party showers are recommend for maximum privacy invasion! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have a relatively new phone and speaker the range should be good for at-least 33 feet. Maybe there is a near by table or someplace you could leave it so it does not get as humid / wet as in the bathroom.

Does anybody know how the TMS 50028WHT Frosted Pane Wall Cabinet attaches to the wall? I’d like to get a few of these but the contents only list the cabinet itself.

I have that same issue. Oddly, there is even less information on the Amazon listing and just 1 picture. No reviews.

Dude that looks just like my toilet! I feel famous.

I’m checking with our buyer. I’ll update you when I hear back.

EDIT: they sent over this image of an installation: