Bath Sheets: Like Towels, But Better

Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay over $25 for a single bath towel??? Call me frugal, but this cotton had best be plucked by saints’ hands under the full moon and washed only in the fresh glacial melt of the Tibetan mountains, then massaged into a soft pile by the hands of skilled artisans under the noon Antarctic sun.

PASS :stuck_out_tongue:

Not frugal, ignorant. It’s fine to not understand something, but there are ways to educate yourself without being insulting.

These are well worth the price. They are not towels, they are, indeed, better. Much better.

They are considerably larger than towels. They are very absorbent. They are high quality. They are strong, but light weight.

Frankly, they’re a bargain.

If you’re happy to spend $10 of six towels, great. It doesn’t take a crazy person to find value in this deal.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay over $25 for a single bath towel???

I can only imagine how they came up with a list price of $115 each…

No matter how you look at it, it’s a friggin bath towel.

Reviews on other sites have some issues with durability/fraying. Does anyone know what the washing instructions are (cold vs hot water) or if this is a general issue with this type of product?

A bath sheet should wash like any other bath towel or towel at all. We always have at least a dozen in the home and never had a problem. These look pricey for a bargain, if they don’t hold up then we’re not buying them.

I buy top of the line bath towels and bath sheets. I have never heard of these, there is no brand name. How do you know the quality? Did you use them, handle them or wash them? When I can read good reviews on them I wouldn’t have a problem buying them. We love bath sheets but prefer feeling them before buying them. The bath sheets we’ve bought on W00T are hit or miss. Some have been excellent, some we use for outdoor RAGS.

intended to be funny? fail

About this product: Did someone found the manufacturer? How can we look for some reviews without this information?

Cheaper on Amazon, with 1 review that is not so useful

Those on Amazon are bath towels my friend. These are bath sheets :slight_smile: bigger, better, more absorbent.