Bath Time Woot Info Post
survive the desert,

Bath Time [Naked] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Friday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Royal Blue Woot Tee

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Where does the water for the bathtub come from?

::dies from happiness::

First FM’s store opens today,

Then TF puts up an FM piece at 11 CST.

Now this…

FM… you are kickin’ ass and takin’ names. Congrats.


Awesome :smiley: Congrats on your new site and this print!


I’m concerned that the black fur will look too much like giant leeches from even a reasonable distance.

My first thought was “pandas have black arms and shoulders!”, and then I noticed the black fur on the floor.

Then I realized that means that pandas don’t wear pants.

I feel a little violated.

That’s one clean panda. He’s spotless!

This shirt gives us hope that, yes, a leopard may just be able to change his spots as well.

They made an Eats Shoots and Leaves joke! I love that book! This might have just made my night.

Wow! Flying Mouse has the tee of the day over at teefury, too. Talk about deja vu.

Ha! Cute=)

He should have a bamboo back scrubber!

Melting ice caps, of course!

This gives a whole new meaning to bear skin rugs…

I only feel truly content once I’ve slipped out of my own spots, and sunk into a bubble bath.

Correction: he’s yet to use the makeup remover on his face. He’s got big circles of mascara and eyeliner he’s yet to clean off. And those ears… goodness, where was he rolling?

Panda! Bathing! LOLS!

Nice, FM… TF -and- woot at once!

As I said there, the flyingmouse365 site is simply proof of what a real creative designer is capable of when they really buckle down. Not to say everyone must be able to make 365 designs in a year, but it is to say that real design and real art is about pushing yourself and loving the work enough to undertake a project like this.

Good luck with it… I know I’ve seen a number of FM365s that will be definite buys from me when they come up.

They’re earmuffs, Jaden! It’s getting colder here in the states this time of year.