Bathing on Cathedrals

REMINDER: 2020 Monkeys

These will not be for sale in the woot-off so grab them here:



Fair enough! I respect that. Does that mean I have to actually be productive at work today? :sweat_smile:

No, there’s good stuff available in the woot-off.




Roger that, boss! I love Woot Offs for the goodies beyond the crap. So, you don’t have to twist my arm for sticking around! lol

ayyyy thegood ole days maaaan. I bought that shirt on release obvs lol

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I haven’t been winning since this new VOP it’s been too long!!!

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Woo-hoo! Finally snagged another one…first one since The Takover. Let’s see if they’re any crappier than they used to be…

It’s 31 days not including the day you bought your last BOC, so the countdown starts the day after. I guess this makes me 30 days since my last BOC.

had one in my cart and got denied for the 31 day rule…

Does it violate TOS to discuss what was in previous bags? I’m so curious.

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We have entire threads devoted to that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ThunderThighs! You’ve provided a week’s worth of reading material for the porcelain throne.

P.S. Your username is second only to GlitterQueynte (though I suspect Olde English vulgarity is still recognizable enough to be banned (as recognizable as Saucy Chaucer gets before noon (triple brackets, wow))).

P.S.S. Y’all hiring? I’ll gladly give up my access to Bags O’Crap to contribute my brand of nonsense to the team.

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This BOC didn’t even show up on my app. :confused:
I got the most current one though, so all is good.
Thanks WOOT and Happy Birthday (today is my husband’s birthday too - I shall present him with a present of a box of crap sometime in the next 2 weeks, unless Texas decided to prime ship).

Absolutely! All sorts of other interesting things which I cannot resist.

10 years and dozens of failed attempts, finally snagged one.

I can’t wait to get disappointed.

Make sure you share what you get on the main thread.

Is anybody else still waiting for theirs to ship?

Most should have gone out today. There may be some going tomorrow though. Lots to ship.

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Poor Kirsten

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and Donte. Don’t forget him.