Bathrobes: Hide Your Shame

What is the name of the manufacturer? In what country were these robes made?

Are the weave bathrobes knee length or ankle length?

The country is right in the description for each of em.
-Made in Turkey

As far as brand?
Linum? is that a brand?

Per the title, Linum is the name brand.

Per the features & specs, they are made in Turkey.

Hope that helps. Now go buy 3!

Depends on how tall your are.

From the specs:
Small/Medium Size: measures 20" across the shoulders, 47" long
Large/XL Size: measures 25" across the shoulders, 49" long


There is an XXL size listed in the drop down list… What are the dimensions of that size, please? And thanks.

Ah, only some have XXL. I grabbed the info from a sale that didn’t. Just for reference, this info is on the specs tab of each sale.

XXL Size: measures 26" across the shoulders, 51" long

So just a note, you only get one bathrobe even though the picture shows two. It’s also in the print at the bottom of the pic

How much do these robes weigh? I thought it would be in the specs, but it’s not. The heavier, the thirstier, correct?