Bathrobes & Towels

The listing for “MicroCotton 4pc Bath Towel Set - 10 Colors” shows White in the images but White is missing from the color selector.

Hmmm… I’ll check with the buyers, sorry for the confusion.

UPDATE: It seems as though the white is sold out. The pictures are being removed.

The Luxor Terrycloth Bathrobe is available over on Amazon for ten dollars less if you DON’T want the initial on it. Ships free with Prime membership.
700 GSM has a nice heft to it.

MicroCotton 16250BDB26 MC Aertex 2PC BodySheet shows Ink and Smoke options in the photos but the colors are not listed for purchase.

Thanks, I’ll let the team know. They probably didn’t have any available when the final inventory was entered.

Edit: All fixed.