Bathroom Clearance

Great deal on a 6-piece towel set…I believe these were $29.99 most recently, so you’re getting them for half of the older Woot price…

In for three (different sets, naturally!)


Bought the dog paw towels a bit back for $40 at the time, so this is a pretty good deal… The towels are quite nice and I’ve had no issues with them so far!

The towels are nice but better used for decoration. They don’t dry you off very well and almost seem water resistent. It’s a good value and they are very nice looking and quality but I like the inexpensive ($2.99) towels from walmart. They dry you off so much better.

Which ones - the egyptian cotton or the microcotton? I hate it when towels don’t dry you off. Happens at my sister-in-laws all the time, might as well use my shirt tail or wipe my hands on my jeans. I thought it was because she uses lots of dryer sheets – we don’t use them at our house…

I had to wash and dry the Egyptian cotton towels (I got the purple set) like 20 times, and they were still covered in that linty stuff. Vacuuming them helped, but it wasn’t easy, lol. They are really soft though. I think they absorb the water fine. I’ve read that if you don’t use fabric softener when washing your towels they will be more absorbent.

Almost purchased the microcotton towels, but decided to first look for somre reviews. Looks like the same towels are available on Homeclick for $13.16 per 3 piece set ($26.32 per 6 piece set). They appear to be the same:
Home Source Microcotton Luxury 3 Piece Towel Set in Ivory
Key Features

100% long-staple, very fine cotton
600 GSM
Exceptionally soft, super absorbent, quick drying, no linting
100% natural (no chemicals used except eco-friendly azo free dyes)
Rated Best Cotton Towel by Real Simple Magazine, June/July 2002
Machine washable
[Set includes:
13"x13" Wash Cloth
16"x30" Hand Towel
27"x54" Bath Towel

The description is the same. If you purchase from Homeclick you can get 10 percent off purchases in excess of $100 and free ground shipping on purchases over $99. They also have more colors available.

It probably is the fabric softener. Those sheets and liquid fabric softener work by coating the fibers of the cloth with goop. My clothes are soft enough without making them less absorbent.

On a tangent, I don’t care for the way TV commercials equate “perfumed” with “fresh” and “clean”. If your clothes don’t smell fresh and clean without being doused in perfume, then they aren’t fresh and clean.

Well crap. I wanted 2 more of those 30 setting showers and they are all gone. I found them a few days too late. :frowning:

Here’s a link to the last woot off which had the Panasonic toothbrush. Weren’t any reviews back then, and I still can’t find a single one.

I want to ditto the lint issue. I just washed the Egyptian cotton towels (6 pc) for the first time and there was lint on everything in the wash. This was not just fine fibers, it was also lots of clumps. This is more lint than I have experienced with any other towel. I hope that they stop shedding soon. Woot, I hope that you are paying attention to our concerns about this product.