Bathroom Update: Breaking News

What is a bath sheet? Can I also get bath pillows?

Any input on this? I have no clue about GSMs or whatnots. Is this a “good” deal?

Bath sheets are larger than bath towels. Sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But in general:

Bath Sheet:
35 x 60 inches

Bath Towel:
27 x 52 inches to 30 x 58 inches

And yes,you can buy bath pillows. Just not from us… at this time. :tongue:

The less expensive white bath sheets are 40 x 70. So are the herringbone more expensive type.

We keep at least 10 bath sheets in the home, especially for the females in the winter and so guests have their choice. I stay in a bathsheet while I blow out my hair which takes 40 minutes. It keeps you dry and warm, wrapped 1.5 times around you. I bought a few types, only got 1 bad batch in a medium to dark blue. I got what I paid for with every single towel.

Allow for shrinkage in size of course, they’re all cotton. I’m trying the white but the husband better not try bleaching them. Towels get stiff from bleach. :frowning: Fabric softener of any type keeps them soft.

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t bleach even white bath towels - it actually begins to break down the fibers and will shorten the life of your towel. To freshen towels, run an extra rinse with vinegar in the water, then a rinse of plain water. The vinegar will kill the bacteria that cause that “musty” smell that towels get, and some people even report it has a softening effect on the towel.