Laes adn Gentelmen
I Les Luther, better aknown as batmaN!!


i think the evening’s entertainment has arrived.


Its either sleep deprivation or someones been drinking a few drinks of the alcoholic variety?


The time between drinks and the rush to buy three HD enclosures has sobered me. A little tipsy, but if you want my holy advice-
Woot-off + Rum = more crap


I meant to post these the other night:

GIve em’a second to load both sound and video :tongue:


OK, someone PM me with idiot proof ways to create a link for the two things I posted above.


there, I fixed it for you.


Thank you Cruzer.


So . . . where’s Robin?


Who is Robin compared to


Hmm, I thought robin was gay, so if Batwoman is gay, then I guess robin is…


What about when Robin was a girl?


Robin is bouth?


Not in a hermaphroditic way. In the comics, there was a stretch when Robin was a girl. I think she went on to become her own character.
for more


wow, that’s a little much…


I ran the comic book club in college. We had a reading room in the library which was stocked with comics. My tastes have changed since then, but I got a lot of 80’s DC and Marvel heros in my head from that time.


I clicked the wiki link. At first glance, the only girl Robins I notice are either dead or in the future. To what Robin are you referring?


I think I got the female one confused with the Robin who became Nightwing (which has been female at times). Not so good on my superhero memory. Need some memory foam to help with that.


Robert Smith was a waste of a good sperm.
The Cure was just another hack goth band.


-and an egg.