Batteries by the Bucket

Pretty, pretty batteries.

Eneloops are so awesome. You can recharge them a ton of times, and they don’t lose much charge when you’re not using them. I’d highly recommend them!

Looks like S k i t t l e s (taste the rainbow! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how long one charge LASTS?

Depends on what you are using them for. I bought the same pack about a month ago on here. I have to say I am quite impressed. I only use them for my wireless gaming mouse (Logitech G700), which is quite power hungry. The battery lasts anywhere from a few days if I am on my computer a lot to a week or more if I am not. I cannot say how long they would last in a low-power device such as a remote, but I would imagine a long time.

Just FYI, the charger that comes with does not indicate when it is done charging. It does have protection to prevent overcharging, but there is nothing to show the user when its OK to use the batteries. You pretty much just have to charge them overnight and assume they are ready to go.

Can we just have Eneloops by themselves (no charger) for once? Please?

Living in FL, hurricane season starts in June. Never too early to start preparing!

Oh man, those were rechargeable alkalines? Someone is going to be having a bad time…

already sold out…Only 3 available?
WOW! Hardly seems worth the effort to post it for sale for that amount!

While eneloop batteries (and all of the low discharge NiMH types) truly are the best thing to happen to batteries in a long time, this isn’t a great deal on just 8 AA Eneloops. I guess if you don’t have any chargers it might be worth it, but ideally there are better chargers (that can discharge and condition the batteries) that are worth getting, at least IMHO.

I know what you are saying. Christmas time you could get a pack of 12 for $21 + free shipping. I realize the price has increased to $28 for the past few months. These 10 and 12 packs are limited to two colors per pack, but it is seems to be cheaper to get them from Amazon.

I too would be more tempted to purchase a deal for batteries only. I wonder what the people do with all the chargers when they buy multiples.

This is tempting, but not for reasons I should actually purchase for…

I love my eneloops and LaCrosse BC-700 battery charger, but didn’t take into account how all 12 of my batteries would be used at the same time in our (Roommates and me) 3 xbox 360 controllers and 4 wiimotes.

The batteries all require recharging at roughly the same time, so the 4-slot BC-700 alone isn’t enough to get us back up and running fast enough.

So, this seems like it’d be perfect for me, except the charger (from what little information I can gather from quick googling) is iffy.


  • The charger seems to be a simple 2-channel charger (only charges in pairs), and the verdict on these kinds of chargers are that they are sub-par in caring for these high quality batteries.
  • The batteries have are spec’d at 1500 charge cycles, which would make them the 2nd generation eneloops. The newest, 3rd gen eneloops are rated at 1800 cycles (and can operate under colder temps). I’m only stating this to be informative: Average users won’t notice a difference between 2nd and 3rd gen - Charging 3 times a week with a 1500 cycles capacity will still net you a decade of use. The batteries are perfectly fine (unless you want to keep a flashlight in your car during winter. In that case you should go for the 3rd gens - As low as -20C/-4F)

The dealbreaker for me is the charger. If the package came with a reliable charger that had the ability to charge batteries solo, then I’d probably jump on it because…


But nah, I can get sparklies from here for $26 w/free shipping.

Any thoughts on the ACDelco, Panasonic, or Kodak batteries? A few years back my parents bought a big pack of Kodaks and I don’t recall and deviation in quality or lifespan. I thought I’ve read some not-so-positive things about the other brands before though…

Yes, this charger is not that great but everything I read about these Eneloops is positive. Now it is almost worth buying and tossing the chargers… I don’t need the girly colors. Plain white is fine with me.

Buy Eneloops at Costco, they have larger packs of batteries only, for less than Woot is selling here.

I bought two despite the added waste of the charger. The main reason why I like the sparkle colors is so that I can have easier color coding at home and away from home. It will be nice to just to know “blue pair is dead, use the yellow pair next.”

Of course I did forget about B&H prices. However, I did order earlier from woot today so the $5 all day shipping helped push me over the edge.

You can get a package of 8 plain ones (for those of you who don’t like the sparkles, or just want to save a little and not get the charger) from B&H for $19.25. (no shipping charge)

I don’t know much about them, but I assume that they are second gen as they are spec’ed on the website for 1500+ charges. (I only know this from reading other comments, so take it for what it’s worth.)

I was totally thinking the same thing!! Hopefully they get more of these in the future! I’d love to get some :o)

I have the rainbow ones. So worth it. The kids love them.