Batteries, Champions of the Earth!

Bought the Kodak ones last year for my wife’s er…umm…breast-pump. They didn’t do very well at all with a constant load. There is a pair in one of my daughter’s toys that is still going strong. So these are great for remotes/intermittent load devices. I’m gonna try the ac/delco this time.

We used to buy the Kodaks a lot from Woot in the past as well with similar results. Worked very well for us in most everyday items that aren’t running all the time, but not as well in our items that get seemingly all day/every day usage. We had tried some Fuji that were terrible. Skipped on the AC Delco 'cause we saw so many negative reviews online. Switched to Sony when Woot started offering those & we’ve been thrilled with the Sony in all devices…even those running all the time! (I’m sure the Duracell would work as well, but the cost of the Sony is waaaay worth the savings for good results).

Used the Kodak batteries alot, had really good luck, would recommend them.