Batteries Etc

I purchased the Kodak MAX AAA batteries for use in my wireless stereo headphones and in my sports radio for football games. I have to say that these don’t last very long at all. At least they’re cheap.


Same here. I bought the Kodak MAX and there was even another Kodak brand, like Kodak Extra or something, that Woot had for sale on here before. Anyway, I bought the AA and AAA in both versions and neither one last’s very long. But on the flip side, they are cheap enough and tossing them away after they die out, doesn’t feel so bad for what they cost. I may give the Sony ones a try and see if they are any better.



I agree-- bought a couple of those “mega packs” of AA, and they had shorter than expected life. Disappointing since I thought I was getting a better-than-average battery.

Funny thing is I remember them being pretty good about 5 years ago. Quality isn’t there any more.

I’ve had good success with the Kodak MAX batteries in the past, not as good success with the Kodak Extralife (or “Xtralife”??). But I’ve tried the SONY out here on Woot more recently and have to say that These SONYs Kick! I couldn’t be more pleased with the Quality Vs Price …and they look kinda cool, too! :slight_smile:

The 9 volt lithiums sure went fast!

Since Woot started hosting the Avatars on Cloudfront, the pictures are no longer visible on my work computer, where I spend the majority of my computer time.

1 yr and 1 week ago I bought a 48pk of ACDelco AAs from Woot! for $15. They lasted about 10 mos and was happy w/ em. Will be very happy if this 72pk gets me thru xmas next year (check back in 53 weeks and I’ll let you know).

You could rehost it on Gravatar (or any image you want) and use that. That’s what I do for my seasonal avatars.

I wonder how the Sony and Kodak batteries compare to the Duracells in the main Woot.

We used to use nothing but Duracell or Energizer until we woke up to the Value Brands about a year and a half ago. The key for us has been to find the best combo of Brand AND Value…not just 1 or the other…and defining Value as best mix of Quality AND Price…again, not just 1 or the other. Was always happy with the Duracell/Energizer quality…never happy with their price. First tried the Kodaks last year, & price was great…quality OK. Got hip to the Sony more recently, and have been VERY impressed with the Quality AND Great Price! The Duracell’s I see on main Woot today are $0.35 per battery versus $0.21 for the Sony. 40% less for the Sony?! Really?! A no brainer for me! :slight_smile:

Hey Woot,
I’ve been trying to grab some more of the Sony batteries all day today, and when I click on the yellow “add to cart” button, noting happens. I’ve tried multiple times, and for diff. packs (AA, C, etc.). I use the most updated version of Internet Explorer (11 I think?), but also just tried in Firefox and that’s not working either. I asked a coworker if I could try on her pc & same thing. Any thoughts? Are the buttons working today on any of the Sony? (Emailed woot support but obviously can’t wait 24 hours…thx!)

We are aware that some of you are experiencing ordering problems and we apologize for this. We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

It sounds like people are able to order on mobile devices so you might try that if you can.

Some are reporting that clearing out their browser’s cache/temp files helps too.

Site is still not allowing me (or my coworker) to purchase the Sony batteries again today :frowning:

Yes, we’re aware the problem still exists for some.

Things that might work:

  • Clearing out the temp/cache files on your browser
  • Ordering from a mobile device or using a different browser if possible

For our technical savvy crowd: The source seems to be intermittent script caching issue. If you have any logs or info that you think will be useful, please PM me the information and I’ll pass it on.

Thx. Cleared out the browser this morning & didn’t help. And already tried yesterday the diff. browser (both ie & firefox)

I just bought the duracell lithiums on 12/4 for 34.95. I really wish Woot would implement a price guarantee

Could someone tell me if the RealxGear PB-22A 2200mAh Power Bank charges the iphone 5?