Could we have some enloops with a better charger. Pleeeeeease.

Or just some straight Eneloops (no charger)?

I agree with the wooters above–the Eneloop charger offered here is pretty crappy. It’s entirely too big considering it’s only a 4-AA charger, and the voltage output is weak to boot. (Precisely why it’s being dumped on Woot, I’m sure.)

How many milliamperes-hours are the AA batteries from AC Delco?

Yep. Let’s have the Eneloop batt’ries w/o the charger. How about a larger quantity of batteries, instead? Much rather get a smart charger (one that conditions the batteries) instead of the rather simple one this is.

AAA eneloops plz. No charger, more batteries.


I also vote for AAA Eneloops please!

Or how 'bout some AA Eneloops with more than two “C” or “D” size adapters. I’ve seen multipacks with only two adapters. I have things that take 3 to 8 C or D cells. Already got plenty of AAs! And I got rid of the crappy charger and got a LaCrosse.

I’ve passed on your request for more Enloops.

Another vote for a deal with no charger. I have like 10 chargers; give us a good deal on straight-up eneloops! Thanks WOOT!

tbh, I am just hopeful that they are the glitter eneloops shown in the picture. as glitter eneloop isn’t actually listed in the description.

That’s the only enloops we’ve sold so far so you’ll get the pretty colors.

Why do you collect CA sales tax on shipping and handling?

$18 + $5 s/h and checkout estimated sales tax to be $2.07.

$18x3 + $5 s/h and checkout estimated sales tax to be $5.31

Effective September 15, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in California.

The taxes should already be factored in before shipping and handling.

Oh, sorry. I understand you may be required to collect CA sales tax. Just don’t understand why you are collecting CA sales tax on shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling fees are generally tax excempt in CA. There are certain exceptions to this rule but not for general merchandise like this.

In the checkout cart, tax was calculated on shipping and handling. See my math above.

OK, I’ve had a 100 pack of batteries in my cart for 3 days now. I’m waiting for ANYTHING ELSE I want, to save on shipping.

Notice I’m STILL waiting?

Woot! there is a shark, back, in your wake. (Have a Happy Days fan explain.)


I’ll join the chorus of requests for a good deal on just Eneloops. AA or AAA, I could use more of both.

But using dumb chargers hurts batteries and that’s a real shame to do to a battery as well-designed as those guys. Given that I’d just chuck the charger and factoring in the $5 shipping, it’s cheaper to just buy the batteries elsewhere. I’d bite if we were more in the $10-12 range (before shipping) for 8 AAs.

Are the Panasonics loose as shown or packaged retail-like?