Pretty funny that the AAA were “sold out” just Wednesday when they had the other sale but now they are back here… Good way to rip us for $5 more shipping.

I purchased these a couple months ago and the batteries are great. Unfortunately the generic charger is crap and I didn’t know it until I went to use it for the 1st time last week. It would cost more to ship it back than buy a new Sanyo brand one.

Where are the C’s and D’s. I’ve learned infant items only take C’s and D’s. I have none of these!

They make “spacers” that you can use to power your C or D items with AAs.

What he said.

woot, ya listening?

I’ve only tried a few of the Panasonic AA, but so far, nothing bad has happened, so I’m assuming they’re fine.

Yeah, you know I tried charging my Eneloop’s the other day and the charger never turns GREEN it was RED the whole time (24 Hours)

What happened to the idea of just eneloop batteries with no crappy charger? AA or AAA, I could use more of both.

I bought this the last time Woot had it for sale. Not a bargain at all, the charger is a low tech, dumb charger of low quality. The batteries are 2nd generation, which can be purchased on Amazon qty 8 for $20.19. If you have a Prime account they ship for free. Do the math.

If the charger was of decent quality like the SANYO 4-Position Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Charger, which I ended up buying, this would be a great deal.


Another vote for this.

Probably has to do with being a close out site and those being very popular. They don’t expire their inventory very often which makes it hard for us to get a good deal. The buyers know you want them though and are looking.

Bought 2 sets of the AA Batteries the other day and received them on Saturday – amazingly fast for a Woot item. Opened the carton yesterday afternoon to find that one set does not have 100 batteries in it. Both sets are factory sealed; one contains 100 batteries and they are all very tight in the container – in the second (also factory sealed) set the batteries are moving around and there are quite obviously not 100 in the container. Have contacted Woot and am waiting for an answer.

@apwoodr, thanks for that! Good catch. The $5 shipping made this a push at most… until you pointed out it was not a Sanyo charger. Pass big time.

(Love Sanyo Eneloop batteries tho! We no longer waste our time with any other brand of rechargeable AA/AAAs.)

We’ve had good experience with Panasonic batteries (as with just about everything else Panasonic).

The 24AA/8AAA $7 package is a good deal - similar to Costco Kirkland battery pricing (excellent batteries BTW)… until you add 70% for shipping. If you are already buying other stuff on Woot today, go for these!

My pack of 100 AA was also short…still waiting on my AAA pack.

Have you emailed support about your missing batteries? If not, you can email them at Make sure you include your order number and user name for quicker service.

Previous discussions about the eneloops offered has resulted in a semi-agreement on this deal. The charger sucks. It is a poor deal for eneloops. It is a great deal for the rainbow color eneloops, which were a special edition and aren’t easy to get cheap. If you specifically want the rainbow colored ones, buy. If you don’t care about the color, do not buy.

The fact that they are 2nd generation and not 3rd wasn’t a big issue for many people. The consensus was that not a lot of people are going to need to recharge them 1500 times, let alone 1800 and the 5% charge retention difference after 1 year wasn’t that big of a difference, so the improvements aren’t all that relevant to the average consumer.