I Love the eneloops!

I bought 2 sets at Christmas time from Woot!. I gave one to my dad and kept one for myself. The battery charger for my unit was defective, so I use another one that I already owned. We mainly use the batteries to power Xbox controllers. These will last for weeks in the controllers while being fairly heavily used. We also use them to power our digital camera, again with good results. I wish Woot! was selling AAA eneloops. I’d definitely buy a set.

Another vote for eneloops!

I first bought them to power my DSLR camera - then for my Mac magic mouse (for which I was tossing a pair of AAs every 4 weeks). Love them.

I’ve been replacing all the batteries in my home with new eneloops. When you have as many as I do - I like the pretty colors to let me know which two were a set.

I picked up a set of the iGo AAs a while back and as I’m sure has been mentioned before, they are best for low current devices. I.E. they won’t last too long in a digital camera or Xbox 360 controller. However they hold charge very well and are perfect for devices like TV remotes. They also seemed to hold charge pretty darn well in my little logitech laptop mouse.

I’m more interested to see what people have to say about the enerloops.

I have a small drawer full of Eneloop AA and AAA batteries. As a new father and owner of many gadgets, I really love 'em. They’ll go for a month or two in the Apple BT keyboard and track pad, sit around in my probe thermometer base for at least a couple of months, run remotes for who knows how long… and when they’re done you grab the next handful out of the box, throw the used ones in the charger and then chuck them in the box when they’re done.

The only complaint is if you have devices with odd numbers of batteries. Like the Apple BT keyboard and its 3 AA usage. The included charger will only charge PAIRS of batteries, so you’re destined to have orphans floating around trying to get confused with the fully-charged ones until you can pair up two orphans.

I’d really appreciate it if Woot could score a deal on some advanced chargers (LaCrosse BC-700 or similar) and relieve me of this burdensome chore.

I will typically charge my eneloops when they’re out of juice and then only leave charged ones around. My charger charges 4 at a time, and I rarely need more than 4 slots.

Eneloops hold their charge very well (in contrast to older versions of rechargeable batteries) so I’m not too worried about the discharge that happens while they’re sitting in my drawer.

how many mAh are the iGo batteries?

Costco is having the enelop battery pack on sale at their warehouses. For around $20, you get 8 AA, 2 AAA, a charger, 2 C adapters, and 2 D adapters. I bought three packs to cover all battery sizes. Being able to use these as C/D batteries is huge.

I don’t know about the Eneloop batteries, I bought the I Go Green batteries — please don’t waste your money on them

No doubt the CostCo set is also a good value. A better value if you need AAA or will use the spacers. The CostCo kit’s charger is somewhat less awful than this one. (I can’t recommend either if you want your batteries to last and perform to their potential.) The battery spacers are the best I’ve seen for sale, but they are still a little flimsy for my taste and see very little use here. (Some reviews report connectivity problems with heavy loads, e.g. powerful flashlights, we’ve never tried that.)

These have been up before and alternate chargers have been discussed. The LaCrosse seems to show up discounted on Amazon a lot. It’s great, but perhaps more than some will need. In one of the previous sales I listed some other alternatives.

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been tempted, but skeptical enough of their claims I hadn’t tried them. I guess I was lucky.

Based on what they said, you’d think they’d be good in low drain devices (e.g. remotes) which aren’t really eneloop’s strength. However, eneloops actually do low drain situations very well and I guess I’ll stick with them, a proven solution.

Hey, Woot! Any chance of some sweet CR123 deals sometime?

OK, so what’s the difference between Nihm and Rechargable Alkaline Batteries?

Short answer: the chemistry.

NiMH was designed as a rechargeable battery. Add electricity you get one reaction, take out electricity you get the opposite reaction. Eneloops greatly improved the “self-discharge” problem, where the battery goes flat while unused, I think by improving the internal structure. Maybe they tweaked the chemicals too. (All batteries self-discharge some, but the original NiMH did this so quickly you really needed to charge them just before use.) As a side effect Sanyo seems to have made the batteries more robust*.

Alkaline batteries were originally designed to be disposable, with a one way chemical reaction. iGo has (claims to have) tweaked something so these can be recharged. (The description is short on details…) I don’t know if it is the chemicals, the internal structure and/or the charger. (Previous attempts at this have turned out to be little more than snake oil…)

In general NiMH are better in heavy loads and Alkaline are cheaper per battery and last as long in light loads. Of course, by recharging the cost per use can be much lower for a rechargeable battery even if it costs more initially. Oh, another advantage of NiMH is that they are much less likely to leak than (regular) alkaline batteries.

I’m sure you can google and find much more info. Manufacturers usually have tech specs online and Wikipedia probably covers different battery types.

  • I’m sure the robustness of Eneloops is how they get by with this crappy charger in the bundle. They count on the batteries being strong enough you forget how many charges you’ve gotten by the time the charger finally kills the batteries.

I am so mad I missed these batteries!!!

I love my eneloops, I got them the last time woot had this deal! I just do not know how long to charge the batties in this charger?Does anyone know?
They are fantastic for digital cameras ,I had the white ones and they lasted 5 years.Saved me a fortune on batteries.With a grandson who is adorable I take millions of pictures and need a set or 2 for all his toys.Thanks to the eneloops he can always depend on me for all his AA needs lol.This is a great price!

If this charger is not good for the eneloops which charger would be good to make sure my batteries get long life? Anyone know?Help a grandma out lol!

I thought I answered that. At least I tried.

Several others have recommended the LaCrosse BC-700 charger Amazon has on sale. I’ve had good luck with the Maha line and listed several in a previous post. The 401 will be simpler (though not cheaper) than the LaCrosse. The 9000 is roughly equivalent to the LaCrosse, but not on as good a sale. (At the same price, I’d get the Maha and others would recommend the LaCrosse. Since the one is significantly cheaper, it’s a no brainer if you want that level of functionality.) If you want to charge upto 8 batteries, the Maha 801 would serve. (Or two LaCrosse.)

The CostCo sale is still on as far as I know. (They always seem to have Eneloops in one package or another at similar prices.) Of course, you won’t get glitter from them.

Well, if you know how discharged they are… (Don’t know? I can’t tell either.) And then look at the charger’s spec and set a timer… and only charge in pairs… Yeah, any decent charger takes care of that for you these days.

I understand it’s an upfront cost, but I believe you’ll save the cost of a better charger by extending the life of your batteries.

Dang it…I missed these buggers again. Why do you hate me, woot gods?