I’d buy some batteries but I just don’t have the energy right now.

This is Woot’s terminal sale. I’m positive.

Which brand is best? I wondered too and have tested several of the recent offerings in the AA size. Sony wins, you can see the results here. Coming soon: Panasonic and a comparison between the wootbats and the big name cells.

Higher quality image here:

Very cool. Thanks for doing that.

I was thinking of getting the 9v group.

Any data on those? Guessing the Sony beats out the Kodak as well.

Will only be using them for the smoke alarms thru-out a small house and this seems to be a good price.

Thanks for any info

You’re welcome. I use the Lithium 9v cells in all my smoke alarms, but the alkalines should work well also. I think I only have two brands of the wootish 9v alkalines, but I will test a couple of them when I can and post the graph. Woot has had the Lithium 9v cells available, just not in this sale.

so this isn’t a quality post? what a shame.

Yah, thought so too, thanks. It represents several hours work. I am working on one for the 9 volt Kodaks that are running today that will probably be the last, except to update the AA chart to include the Panasonics. Hard empirical information is hard to come by in these threads :slight_smile:

Apologies. We sometimes forget to give quality posts in our Plus threads. It’s shining in it’s glory in the first post now.

Anyone else not receive a complete order? I got a box big enough to hold all the batteries I ordered but only 1/3 of the order was in it. Customer service got word from me, just seeing if I am the only unlucky one, if this even gets read being 2 weeks after the sale.

Would have reported sooner but I thought they were shipped separate and kind of forgot all about them.

Only the second issue I have ever had with an order and Woot took care of my shirt that never showed the last time.

Sorry about that. Make sure you email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.