Battery Charger with 8 Batteries

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Battery Charger with 8 Batteries
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I remember participating a bit in one of the Previous Woot! disccusions which talked a lot about Alkaline vs. NiMH rechargeables including goatcrapp’s response comparing mah between the two.

rlw99 summarized that these are good for low drain devices like remote controls, mice, computer keyboards when compared to normal non hybrid NiMH and Lithium which are more suited to high power quick drain devices like digital cameras.

I recommended a LaCrosse Smart battery charger, which speedshark quickly pointed out IS NOT compatible with alkaline batteries (but it is by far one of the best chargers for all other types). Later is was made clear, DO NOT USE ANOTHER BATTERY CHARGER to charge these!

jj2me has a nice list of personal experience pro’s and cons with alkaline type batteries.

liteup had a great post with general rechargeable battery advice, but didn’t like these.

Some were disappointed when they received the batteries and expected them to work in their cameras, even though many posts stated they are not for use in high drain devices like digital cameras.

I picked up two of these (2 chargers, 16 batteries) last time they were up here. The batteries seem to last decently long in my devices.

The charger seems to be nicer than most chargers, in that it shuts off each of the four individual slots independently when that one battery is charged. Also, this is mentioned in the description but worth mentioning here since it’s one of my favorite features: the charger can charge rechargeable alkalines (like these) or NiMH (just not both at the same time).

Do these have soy or something in them? What’s with the leaf that’s imprinted on them?

Now that i have stayed up to watch Woot turn, its time to recharge my batteries.

Any eggheads want to figure out how much money the average person could save by switching to rechargables?

finally. been waiting for a deal on some knock off eneloops.

If the power goes out when you are charging the batteries, the batteries can temporarily keep the charger going!

The logo of the company iGo green. They tend to make products that use less energy then normal products of its make and model.

My solar lights need replacement batteries… they have nihms in them now… would these be an ok replacement?

Anyone know how these fare for Xbox controllers and such? I really need some good rechargeable batteries, but I remember the last time Woot sold these people were talking about them melting and such. Any thoughts?

careful… That’s borderline perpetual motion machine territory. You wouldn’t want the universe to implode would you?

The logo here really reminds me of

This spring shirt design.

Only this one has considerably less snow.

Great for the Wii. Holds a charge better then the cheap 40 pack generic brand batteries, and doesnt take long to charge. Will definitely save you money over time.

yes. probably work better due to the 1.5v vs. 1.2v in the nimh

How good are these? I’ll be using them for remotes, a weather radio as backup if power goes out and maybe my thermostat. Good price and would it be worth getting two or over kill. Not sure I need more than 16 batteries but close. 14 for sure

Unless the implosion caused an explosion… and everything went back to where it started!

expectantly with a few 4-5 6- year old children and their toys