Battle Fungale

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Grats DRAKXXX!!! :slight_smile: WOo HOo!!

This is going to make a lot of people very happy.

Congrats on the print Drakxxx!

Drizzakxxx on a Rizzole

Wow drakxxx, you’re on a roll :smiley: Congrats (although I was secretly hoping for great outdoors)

In for one. Love videogame themed shirts!

Hooray Drakxxx!

This design makes me sweat something fierce.

Congrats Drakxxx on another print!

right on!
draxxx is on a roll.
congrats dude.

I am so glad I checked out the shirt tonight. Love my shirt.woot mario shirts, hehe!!! Got so many now. I told myself no shirts tonight, after buying 5 over @ teefury tonight but then I see this and just had to get it. Thats 6 shirts total for the night. Caught up for that month of absence real quick. Darn it! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a bit too much going on here for me to wear this shirt but I like the design a lot and wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out. Congrats on another well deserved win =)

Congratxxxxxxx Drakxxxxxxxxxxxx! Awesomeness!

great choice, it’s a shame it was never printed in the first place. There was some tough competition in that derby though.

I really like this shirt… idk if i can part with ten bucks tho:/

ahh, I love the game, yet this shirt’s style just doesn’t quite do it for me…the lack of colors, I need those…

YES! I never thought we would see this again. Damn Drakxxx didn’t know you were from Jerz also.

In true form, you are the first sucker to boot :wink:

Really cool design- very well thought out. Congrats!